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Hot n’ cold: How to style sweaters for warm weather

Monsoon season is here in Singapore, which spells endless storms and a slight relief from the demonic heat that plagues us 10 months a year. It may seem like an opportune time to go wild at any winter sale. But before you throw sweaters in a shopping basket, and perhaps a shearling trench coat or two for the courageous among us, it’s time to come to terms with the fact that Singapore will never be the ideal stomping ground for winter fashion. Not even a three-hour long thunderstorm can change this.

It’s no reason to sulk. Certain pieces synonymous with winter, like the knit sweater, can be adopted for use in warmer weather. Farm inspiration from these handful of sweater weather looks that can work in our painfully humid climate too. Just keep a portable fan handy as you style your sweaters for warm weather.

The looser, the better

A mistake people often make is opting for fitting sweaters, which is perfect for keeping the body warm. If you don’t want to look like a walking sweat slick, opt for sweaters that are loose around both the body and the arms. Pair it with a loose skirt for that chic, baggy look that’s so on trend at the moment.

Pictured: Co Cashmere Sweater, $1285

Opt for a cardigan

Sweaters and cardigans are just a split apart, if you really think about it. Choose a boldly coloured cardigan and pair it with a thin tank top, jeans and sandals and work the classic, out about town vibe. A cardigan is especially useful for the rainy mornings that have been plaguing us lately.

Pictured: Gucci cardigan, $3480

Flaunt an open back

Open back sweaters aren’t just sexy and stylish — they beget aeration should the weather get a hint too humid. Keep a loose silhouette to double up on your ability to keep cool.

Pictured: Helmut Lang open back sweater, $580

Crop it

If a body-hugging sweater is what your heart desires, try purchasing a cropped one instead. For the daring, find one that also has an open back to free you from feeling overly stuffy. Dress it up with a pair of culottes and strapped sandals or sneakers, and you’re good to go.

Pictured: Tibi cropped open-back sweater, $403

Keep it short

Looser patterns like cable knit are a huge hit come winter. Make it appropriate for our climate by getting one that has an open-knit construction and pairing it with a bralette or silk tank top, with shorts for the epitome of Singaporean fashion, because everyone knows it’s an exercise in discomfort to wear a thick sweater with jeans when you’re dealing with tropical humidity.

Pictured: James Perse sweater, $470.

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