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How to cop the Parra x Nike SB Dunk Low Olympic special in Singapore

If you haven’t already heard, skateboarding’s finally been recognised as a sport at this year’s Olympics. 

Understandably, the good folks at Nike SB have a few things up their sleeves, the biggest being outfitting these well-deserved athletes with some serious street cred. If you paid attention over the weekend, you would’ve seen game favourites Nyjah Hyston and Pedro Barros sport the kit but another stand-out worth mentioning is inarguably Yuto Horigome, a young Japanese who won the first ever Olympic gold medal in the sport at the games. 

This Federation kit — dedicated to Brazil, France, USA, and host Japan — will sport designs by artist and former pro skateboarder Piet Parra, and sees landscapes and colours that are familiar to each destination. Team Japan’s kit, for example, sees a very visible Mount Fiji, while the Eiffel Tower makes an appearance on France’s. Each kit is also topped off with a bird that’s associated with each federation, right at the bottom left.

Those who prefer to wear their heart on their feet, however, will be able to commemorate the 2020 Olympics with the Nike SB Parra Dunk Low Pro ‘Abstract Art’. Inspired and designed to coordinate with the Federation Kits, the Dutch designer chose the classic but extremely covetable Dunk Low as canvas for his signature wavy geometrics and swirling colour. The sneakers are balanced by pops of white, a black Swoosh and matching illustrated insoles.

Looking to cop a pair? The Nike SB Parra Dunk Low Pro ‘Abstract Art’ will drop 29th July at 10am on Nike SNKRS Singapore.

Shatricia Nair
Managing Editor
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