Joggers, sweat pants, or track pants — whatever your chosen label of choice, these bottoms have become an athleisure staple. These pants have ascended from the rungs of regulation gym wear into something that is borderline permissible for the office.

Block-coloured joggers are trendy, comfortable, and easy to work into nearly any ensemble, even suits if you’ve got the knack for it. Given how the nature of fashion constantly switches things up, a sportier breed of joggers are now stealing the limelight. Panelled and printed joggers have been making their rounds at among the streetstyle crop at global fashion weeks, as well as fashionable A-listers. If you’re in on the trend, here’s six ways you can incorporate these style of joggers into your outfit without looking like Vicky Pollard from Little Britain. 


Pairing these mirco-check panelled joggers with a camel tweed sweater deviates from the usual athleisure get-up thanks to an intriguing play on textures. Extra points go the grass-green laces on those utilitarian sneakers for being an eye-catching element.

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Kitschy over-sized graphic tee, clunky Docs and Adidas tracksuit bottoms? Talk about an effortlessly stylish win. Take cues from this lad and use subtle details like an unconventional shoelace pattern, as well as tucking your bottoms into bold striped socks to keep the outfit chic instead of looking sloppy. Also, if you ever must wear a page boy hat, this is one way to do it right.

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If panels aren’t your thing, try camo instead. We’re digging the masterful layering of textures and colours, but if you’re trying to stunt this look down Orchard Road on a weekday afternoon, maybe swap out the hoodie for a white T-shirt.

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Rapper, model and king of street fashion, A$AP Rocky is fond of pairing his panelled joggers with oversized denim. In this look, he rocks a bold red pair by Gosha Rubchinsky with a custom shirt and jacket from Himumimdead, and all-white Stan Smiths.

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For anyone who thinks Hood By Air is a tad too passé, this dude proves otherwise. Seen at London Fashion Week, his viridian green tracksuit is a stylish remix that is the furthest cry from a chav’s preferred uniform. Instead of a slogan tee, this suit ingeniously works in the anarchistic statements along the panels.

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If any designer made panelled joggers cool again, it has to be Gosha Rubchinsky. At his SS’17 runway, a model flaunted neon yellow joggers with the Kappa logo repeated against a black panel, paired with a plain tee and dark denim coat. Anyone who wants to take panelled joggers to the next level with prints should take note.

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