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The new Huawei x Gentle Monster collection takes smart glasses to the next level

As far as wearables go, few score as high on both form and function as Huawei x Gentle Monster eyewear.

The Chinese tech giant and Korean cult eyewear label first teamed up last year for a set of smart glasses to rival high-tech offerings like Google Glass, Snapchat Spectacles, and more directly, Bose Frames. Despite its many functions (you could play music! Answer calls!), the first Huawei x Gentle Monster line of intelligent eyewear looked less Silicon Valley, more Seoul Fashion Week.

That was thanks to Gentle Monster’s stylish input, which also defines the 2020 follow-up collection, Huawei x Gentle Monster Eyewear II. The collaborators have made a couple of tweaks to their smart glasses, which now boast more comfort, better sound quality and all-new features.

The most noticeable change is that the Eyewear II styles are lighter, thanks to their slim temples made with plastic titanium. They also fit a lot better on the face, especially with the improved curved earpiece. All this will keep the glasses from looking and feeling like innovative tech gadgets, allowing you to blend in instead of sticking out like a sore, geeky thumb. 

My Ma sunglasses (Photo credit: Huawei)
My Ma sunglasses (Photo credit: Huawei)

Like the previous designs, the Eyewear II lets you connect to your smartphone — iOS or Android — to stream music, take calls and access your phone’s voice assistant. What’s new is the sound experience, which has been stepped up with a louder and larger loudspeaker, as well as semi-open speakers on each temple that transmit sound clearly and directly to your ear.

You won’t have to worry about other people hearing your playlists, either. Besides reducing sound leakage, the Eyewear II automatically lowers the volume based on the ambient sound of wherever you happen to be. In other words, you can listen to your favourite pop singer in peace. 

Havana glasses (Photo credit: Huawei)
Havana glasses (Photo credit: Huawei)

Where the fun really comes in, though, is in the Eyewear II’s new functions. You can pair the glasses with your phone by simply pinching the left temple, or double tap it to call up your voice assistant. Swiping the temples lets you choose between tracks or adjust the volume. And if you take the glasses off, they’ll automatically pause your music — only resuming when you put them back on.

The Eyewear II also comes with a much better battery life for you to enjoy all of that — think five hours of streaming music on a single charge. Speaking of, you can now conveniently do so with NFC contactless and wireless fast charging options. The glasses will also display their battery level on your phone when you put them on after a while.

The Eyewear II comes in two timeless, everyday styles, both signature to Gentle Monster: My Ma, which is a pair of square-lensed sunglasses, and the Havana, a pair of browline optical glasses that are more rectangular than the first. Priced at S$638 each, they may set you back quite a bit, but they’ll definitely take you ahead of the curve where wearable tech is involved.

Shop the Huawei x Gentle Monster Eyewear II here.

Header photo credit: Huawei

The new Huawei x Gentle Monster collection takes smart glasses to the next level

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