They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. It couldn’t be more true: what else could have spurred Gal Gadot and her Hollywood friends to make that cursed “Imagine” singalong video?

Admittedly, we’re all going a little stir-crazy from spending our days in quarantine, celebrities included. Before letting the situation at home reach the levels of insanity seen in The Shining (the film, not the book), we recommend that you check out our feel-good survival guide to navigating daily life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re not the only ones uplifting others in the midst of the coronavirus woes. Some of the biggest models and fashion designers have taken to social media to share wholesome entertainment — exactly what we need when the news cycle is an absolute nightmare.

Take Kaia Gerber, for example. The model has been killing boredom at home as Gen Zers do: through dance challenges on TikTok, of course. While the 18-year-old doesn’t have her own account (yet), she has starred in plenty of videos on her BFF Tommy Dorfman’s profile. Kaia has also gone out of her way to prove that she can serve face both on and off the runway — just watch her take on Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again alongside Cara Delevingne.

Delevingne, too, has been spending the downtime on TikTok. (The Chinese video-sharing app, as it turns out, is truly Prozac for our trying times; it now even boasts other famous members like Gordon Ramsay and the Biebers.) Unlike Kaia, the British model prefers recreating funny scenes from reality TV shows: she has done one from Keeping Up with the Kardashians with her girlfriend Ashley Benson, and another from RuPaul’s Drag Race with quarantine buddies Kaia and Tommy.

The quarantine has made content creators of even the most straight-faced of style celebrities, like Bella Hadid. This week, the model unveiled her TikTok account with a video showing off her spirited dance moves and sporty loungewear style. There’s a wealth of similarly entertaining gems to be found on her profile, including her beachside attempt at Doja Cat’s Say So dance challenge.

You will also find Emily Ratajkowski on TikTok, dancing (duh) and casually flaunting her toned abs — an important reminder for us to keep fit while staying home.

Speaking of fitness, Naomi Campbell has taken to Instagram to showcase her home workout routines for all of us in desperate need of fitspo. After emphasising the importance of good hygiene and sanitation with her airport hazmat suit, the supermodel is now championing exercise on Instagram Live, where she streams her daily sweat sessions with her trainer, Joe Holder. If you’ve ever wanted to achieve a supermodel body, what better time to start then now?

Marc Jacobs, meanwhile, is offering inspiration of a different kind. In between meditating, watching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and working on his next collection, the New York designer has been sharing his delightfully stylish work-from-home looks on Instagram. Featuring Prada coats and Rick Owens boots, Jacobs’ outfits blow those on @wfhfits completely out of the water.

And if none of those are enough to put a smile on your face, maybe the philanthropic efforts of the rest of the fashion industry will. Gucci, Balenciaga and Saint Laurent are just some of the many brands that are currently producing face masks for healthcare workers in Europe and the US. Italian fashion brand Bottega Veneta has also launched a microsite to showcase inspiring film, music, art, on top of streaming cooking shows. As confirmed by Kylie Jenner, the coronavirus situation is serious, but so are everyone’s efforts to help. And that’s all we need to know to look forward to the next day.

Pameyla Cambe
Senior Writer
Pameyla Cambe is a fashion and jewellery writer who believes that style and substance shouldn't be mutually exclusive. She makes sense of the world through Gothic novels, horror films and music. Lots of music.