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10 Korean fashion influencers you should be following on Instagram right now

South Korea’s influence on global pop culture is undeniable.

From music and TV dramas, to beauty and fashion, the country has made its presence felt in many industries around the world. Besides conquering the beauty industry with their innovations and multistep routines, however, it’s also now a big trendsetter on the style front, with plenty of stylish individuals and designers who are putting the country on the map with their forward-thinking, chic, and sometimes quirky outfits and creations. Just look to Seoul Fashion Week if you needed any proof.  

To keep you on top of your style game, this stylish lot are the best people to follow today for inspiration. Sure there are K-pop idols like BTS and Blackpink that are equally worth your Pinterest boards, but these Korean fashion influencers are also a good way to keep to date with looks that haven’t even transcended into the mainstream just yet.

Whether you’re into street style or want to elevate your workwear game, these are the best Korean fashion influencers to follow on Instagram today.

(Main and Featured image: Irene Kim)

1. Jung Ji-woo (@mejiwoo103

Followers: 8.8m 

(Image credit: @meijiwoo103)


Although her birth name is Jung Da-won, she goes by the name Jung Ji-woo. 

Her elegant style on Instagram can give many Korean celebrities a run for their money. The CEO of eyewear brand FUN THE MENTAL and clothing brand MEJIWOO sees a style that ranges from comfortable-chic with strappy dresses and knitted tops with skirts to creating formal and sophisticated with linen or tweed jackets and slacks.

In March 2021, the fashion influencer, who is the elder sister of BTS member J-Hope, signed an exclusive contract with South Korean record label and entertainment agency Cube Entertainment. She is currently listed under their artist’s section.

2. Irene Kim (@ireneisgood

Followers: 2.1m

Irene Kim korean fashion influencers
(Image credit: @ireneisgood)

One of the most followed Korean fashion influencers, Irene Kim know exactly how to showcase her rebellious and modern personality with her outfits. The multi-hyphenate — she’s also a model, and beauty and fashion blogger — is known for her edgy, eclectic and experimental OOTDs.

When she is not busy collaborating with big brands like Chanel, Estee Lauder and Calvin Klein, she’s busy with her very own line of clothing IRENEISGOOD Label

3. Nara Kim (@naras._

Followers: 217k

(Image credit: @naras._)

Besides her uber-cool looks, the artist, stylist, and openly queer fashion maverick’s obsession for coloured hair makes her an inspiration for those seeking inspiration on how to switch up their looks.

Now that she’s sporting platinum blonde locks, you’ll find the Korean fashionista incorporating quirky colours and smart layering to play up her look. Nara has also another Instagram account, @styledbycherinara, where she shares her styling work.  

4. Park Gyuri (@gyuri_pp

 Followers: 67.3k 

korean fashion influencers
(Image credit: @gyuri_pp)

Gyuri’s style mantra is pretty simple — keep it fun, fresh and feminine — so you’ll find often her blending elements of street style in a chic and classy way. If you’re looking for fashion inspo than daily OOTDs, head over to her work account @xxuri_style, where she shares her portfolio of styling work.

5. Chriselle Lim (@chrisellelim

Followers: 1.4m 

(Image credit: @chrisellelim)

For workwear inspiration, head straight to Lim’s Instagram account for plenty of practical yet sophisticated styling ideas. Apart from being an Instagram sensation, she also has a website and YouTube channel, where she also shares tips on beauty and lifestyle.

As the co-founder of BümoWork, she also runs the co-working space-cum-childcare service, as well as BümoBrain, a virtual learning platform for kids. The multi-faceted Korean fashion influencer also hosts Being Bumo, which according to the page’s bio is “a podcast for the modern parent”. 

6. Park Sora (@sora_pppp

Followers: 1m 

korean fashion influencers
(Image credit: @sora_pppp)

After dabbling in music and acting, the Korean fashion influencer finally struck gold with her dynamic style. Apart from being a singer of the group Flying Girls, she has also modelled for various brands like STYLENANDA and 3CE. 

Over the years, she has created an audience of young admirers with her peppy and comfortable outfits.

7. Lee Sung-kyung (@heybiblee

Followers: 12.8m 

korean fashion influencers
(Image credit: @heybiblee)

Whether you are planning an outing with friends, a dinner date or just heading to the supermarket, you will find fashion inspiration for every occasion here. 

The model-actress also has a popular YouTube channel where she houses her behind-the-scenes and dance videos, as well as sneak peeks into her life.  

Besides being one of the most prominent Korean fashion influencers, she is also a talented singer; her last single Show Time was released in 2019. 

8. Lee Ho-Jung (@holly608

Followers: 1m 

(Image credit: @holly608)

The model-actress knows just how to create the perfect blend of simplicity and comfort and yet keep it stylish. Her Instagram feed showcases minimalist Korean fashion through cool denims and simple T-shirts, often teamed them up with a blazer or a jacket.

Besides being featured in fashion magazines like ELLE Korea, Vogue Korea and W Magazine, she has also recently partnered with brands like Lancôme and Chiara Ferragni. The korean fashion influencer is also fond of travelling and has a YouTube channel dedicated to her outings. She was last seen in the 2021 thriller film Hostage: Missing Celebrity

9. Sunghoon Jang (@jsunghoon

Followers: 199k 

(Image credit: @jsunghoon)

Men can take a note or two on accessorising from this Korean fashion influencer. Known for giving his formalwear a casual twist, Jang’s looks usually consist of loose shirts, pants, suits and sleek jackets. 

His passion for photography, cinema and art is also apparent from his posts. 

10. Kim Won-joong (@keemwj

Followers: 311k 

korean fashion influencers
(Image credit: @kimmwj)

Kim Won-joong shot to fame after becoming the first Asian male model to walk the runway for luxury brand Prada. The Korean fashion influencer never fails to share his fashionable streetwear looks with his followers on Instagram. 

His clothing brand 87MM is just as buzz-worthy too.  

(Number of followers as on 16 August, 2021)

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