In case you haven’t noticed, Seoul Fashion Week has ballooned into Asia’s spearheading fashion platform, set to rival the likes of its New York, London, Milan and Paris counterparts. Increased global coverage on the biannual fete have built up a buzz around Korean labels, palpable in the fashion industry.

The numbers speak for itself: South Korea’s homegrown luxury market was recently estimated at around S$14.5 billion. To put into perspective per head of the population, China’s is estimated to be S$25.2 billion with 1.4 billion citizens versus South Korea’s 50 million. And menswear is a massive bolster for the country’s growing segment.

It’s easy to see why. South Korean gents take dressing up seriously. Rooted in an environment where fashion, music, entertainment and celebrity collide to form a nebula of hip, it’s almost impossible not to. The country’s heavy-hitting street style pays further testament in itself.

If you’re seeking alternatives to spruce up your wardrobe, try casting your eyes on Seoul’s mecca of punch-packing menswear. From time-tested powerhouses to needle-moving newcomers, below are the Korean menswear names to start listing in your digital shopping carts.

(Main image: Wooyoungmi; featured image: Münn)