A suit makes the man, but when the man gets out of the suit, he can’t simply throw it into the washing machine and expect the suit to look refined again. The same goes for garments like cashmere, silk, wool or rayon. They’re delicate, prone to shrinking, or distress when placed in a conventional washing machine. Given that you’ve probably spent a decent sum on the garment, the last thing you’d want is for it to emerge from a wash six sizes smaller.

The obvious solution would be to bring your clothing to the dry cleaners, but each visit will cost you around $10 and up, and time spent travelling to and from the store. Time is an added expenditure for a busy person too.

With technology always providing the answer, the kind folks at LG have come up with a convenient solution to your dry cleaning woes: the LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System.

LG styler
The versatile, sleek LG Styler. *only the white version is available in Singapore

It looks like a slim closet, but is in reality, a home system to clean, refresh, and gently sanitise your clothes with steam. If you’re someone who wears fabrics that require special attention on a daily basis, it is a far more efficient laundry system you need.

Here’s why the LG Styler makes a convenient option to care for your fabrics at home, instead of heading for the cleaners.

The LG Styler retails for S$2,999. It is available at Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Courts, Gain City, Audio House and Mega Discount. Visit here for more details on the LG Styler.

It cleans your clothes in under an hour

Dry cleaning at a shop would take a couple of hours. Attempting to do the laundry yourself would take about 12, given the window your clothes need to dry under the sun. But if you’re caught in an unexpected light summery shower, the LG Styler is able to turn your clothes around in exactly 39-minutes (in the standard setting). You’ll even manage the snooze button a couple of times on a lazy morning with a speedier 20-minute setting. Honestly, you barely notice the wait.


It sanitises and refreshes your clothes

Mildew and bacteria often build up on clothes that don’t dry properly. This tends to leave a foul smell. The result: Needing to re-wash your clothes. Forget the vicious cycle when you use the Styler. It comes with a steam sterilisation system that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and germs that linger on your clothes, leaving them sanitised and as fresh as they would be with a full wash. Certified by the British Allergy Foundation, the Styler also eradicates any triggering allergens that can be found in clothes. It’s good for your health too (in a way).

It helps smooth out wrinkles

Ironing is seriously a time-consuming chore. With the LG Styler, you can reduce the amount of ironing you need to do each week. Its TrueSteam™ feature is a marquee steam technology that removes wrinkles from your clothes. Atop that, they’ve got a Moving Hanger feature that shakes your clothes at 180 revolutions a minute to remove odours and creases. Plus point if you frequently don pants — the Easy Pants Crease Care section in the LG Styler softly steams your pants to remove folds that have accumulated after a day’s work, while leaving the perfect crease down the centre of each leg.

It's easy to use

Given the movement to phone application controls, the LG Styler also comes with an application for you to programme the system with specific cycles. It uses an NFC Tag On feature, allowing for you to upload specialised cleaning cycles unto the system. A Smart Diagnosis feature within the styler also helps you troubleshoot the equipment at home, leading to less time wasted calling up repairmen or customer service lines.

It's eco-friendly

Traditional dry cleaning tends to rely on chemicals like perchlorothylene to clean your clothes. It is a respiratory irritant, and its is hazardous for the environment, causing ozone layer depletion and affecting drinking water due to improper disposal methods. Since the LG Styler runs on water, you’re literally doing negative damage to the environment from its emissions.

It fits right in with your decor

The Styler is incredibly sleek, measuring just 44.5cm x 58.5cm x 1.8m. This allows it to fit into narrow spaces in your laundry room, or even integrated into your walk-in wardrobe. Each machine fits up to three garments, with three hangers — one for your pants and two for other apparel. You pretty much have a machine to clean an entire outfit in a flash, and it barely takes up any space.

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