Fashion’s footsteps into publishing have always been towards coffee table tomes. These large format books are an ideal medium because images can shout from massive pages, replicating the fact that fashion is a vessel that attracts the eyes before all else. On the opposite end of the spectrum are novels, where textual streams conjure colourful worlds in your mind’s eye, and little visual support is necessary.

loewe classics books
The books also made appearances on the latest Loewe campaigns.

Loewe has decided to bridge the gap between both worlds by publishing a limited edition series of six classic novels, adorned by vintage photographs from Steven Meisel. Commissioned by creative director Jonathan Anderson, these cloth-bound hardbacks will come in a box set known as the Loewe Classics.

Titles include Wuthering Heights, Dracula, Don Quixote, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Heart of Darkness and Madame Bovary. The volumes have already made appearances at the Spanish house’s ready-to-wear shows earlier this year, as well as its campaign images.

loewe classics books
Loewe Classics.

Anderson’s vision of merging high literature and editorial fashion with Loewe Classics might seem far-fetched, but a look at these books instantly make the connection plausible, contemporary even. For example, the cover art for Bram Stoker’s Gothic opus showcases a waifish supermodel sitting on an austere leather couch, waxen skin taut against sharp bones. If Dracula were transported to New York today, the photograph can be read as a fitting vision of the vampire in its metropolitan abode.

You don’t have to love literature to know these are going to be collectables.

Loewe Classics will be sold from 15 August onwards at Casa Loewe Paragon in Singapore. 

Beatrice Bowers
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