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Loewe’s new collector’s set features all its classic handbags in ridiculously cute nano sizes

What’s better than one Loewe bag?

Five, of course, and make them nano.

In a move that would surely cheer up fans of the brand and teeny tiny bags, the Spanish luxury fashion house has unveiled a specially curated Collector’s Gift Box that contains five of its signature handbags — Puzzle, Hammock, Gate, Flamenco, and Balloon.

All of course are rendered in ‘nano’ forms to fit neatly into a collector’s box, which was heavily inspired by traditional kiribako containers and Japanese craftsmanship. These containers are often used for gifting and storing valuable items in Japan — fitting considering the nano Gate and nano Hammock bags are exclusive to this collector’s set.

The box — crafted from Paulownia wood in Japan — sees a darker laser-engraved Loewe anagram on its lid, which opens up to reveal adorable compartments that are lined in calfskin colours that correspond to the colours of the bags. The names of the bags have also been gold-embossed on the rear of the compartments — in case, you know, you can’t keep track.

In another thoughtful touch, each of the five Nappa leather bags come in colours that are iconic to Loewe. The nano Balloon, for example is in a striking shade of Primary Red, while the nano Gate is in an eye-catching Lagoon.

As a final nod to Japan’s legendary artisans, the box is sealed with sanada-himo cord, a tightly-woven fabric that was originally reserved for samurais to bind their armour with. This historic fabric was later more widely used for its functionality, and have, for centuries, been adapted for various families and clans in Japan.

Stay tuned for updates on prices and availability of the Loewe Collector’s Gift Box in Singapore.

(All images: Loewe)

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