Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The three R’s embedded into the folds of our collective memories. This quick alliterative shorthand is not merely reserved for the plastic, paper and aluminium in your day-to-day life. Jonathan Anderson of Loewe makes sure of that in the brand’s new ‘The Surplus Project’ upcycling initiative. An initiative that reuses, rethinks and recreates from the blueprint of an age-old favourite into something new. Something beautiful.

The Loewe Woven bag in Soft Apricot/Crystal Blue from The Surplus Project.

It’s no surprise the Woven basket bag was chosen to undergo reinvention; after all, the model holds a special place within Jonathan Anderson’s ongoing legacy, debuting alongside Anderson’s very first Loewe collection in Spring/Summer 2015. The very essence of its appearance — interwoven straps of calfskin leather, hand-gridded in a checkerboard presentation — makes known the presence of craft; Loewe, after all, is all about craft.

This new line of Woven basket bags from The Surplus Project is made entirely out of calfskin that would otherwise be discarded; surplus leather from prior collections, given new leases on life. The mismatched latticing from The Surplus Project is a far cry from the original Woven baskets’ one-and-done colourways; yet, the bold-and-vibrant against softer, neutral hues interlock in a stunning mosaic of high-low juxtapositions. Vestiges of the different avenues from which the soft-grained and smooth-classic calfskin leathers originate from.

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This article was first published on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong.