Loro Piana’s cashmere and wool are two key fibres strongly associated with their long heritage in the textile business. Besides having access to the finest yarns and rarest of raw materials, the company pays great attention to high standards of craftsmanship as well as design excellence. So much so that they have established themselves as a premium luxury brand well-versed in sought-after textiles and quality garments.

Why invest in a cashmere garment?

Owning a quality cashmere piece is a wise investment, simply because it is naturally lightweight and extremely durable. Clothing made out of cashmere keeps you three times warmer than an average sweater that is not made out of other materials.

How is quality cashmere made?

Firstly, wool is obtained from Capra Hircus goat herds and other cashmere goats before it is made into quality cashmere fibres. The outer coats of these goats act as a layer of insulation against the harsh climate conditions in their habitat, which makes their fleece a key component.

The combing process consists of gently combing the goat to gather the under-fleece fibres without causing any harm to it. Thereafter coarser outer fibres will be removed to form a limited batch of cashmere material of pristine quality.

Loro Piana lookbook shot (Photo credit: Loro Piana)
Close up details of the Loro Piana cashmere (Photo credit: Lifestyle Asia)

Loro Piana is also excited to introduce texture blocking. The term is derived from the play of combining various textile surfaces to create a minimalistic style that focuses on the fine details and craftsmanship of the material. This tactile element is prevalent across its knit collections.

However, this layering style is not limited to just knits. The brand encourages the mixture of materials, like pairing their cashmere jackets with knitted layers or leather pieces — this way you will be able to achieve a textural modern look.

Loro Piana lookbook shot (Photo credit: Loro Piana)
Close up details of the Loro Piana fabric (Photo credit: Lifestyle Asia)

Another exquisite raw material is Loro Piana’s baby cashmere, which can only be gathered from each baby goat once in their lifetime before they grow into an adult goat. Fibres collected from baby goats are 15% finer than most cashmere and is extremely soft.

The material is then spun and knitted in Italy to produce the finest of sweaters, cardigans and scarves. Due to it’s complexity and luxurious quality, a baby cashmere scarf can cost from USD$1,095 to a baby cashmere turtleneck for USD$1,375.

Loro Piana's latest 360 LP sneakers (Photo credit: Loro Piana)
Close up details of the Loro Piana honey comb knit (Photo credit: Lifestyle Asia)

The brand recently revolutionised and integrated the material into their 360 LP sneaker designs. Crafted in merino wool with shared properties of cashmere, this pair of kicks keeps your feet cushioned in the comfort of high grade fibre. The 360 in its name refers to the feather light design which weighs only 360 grams. Reflective to their range of knit apparel, the 360 LP sneakers features knitted panels that is spring like yet breathable and sturdy. Similar to Loro Piana’s fine honey comb knit, every design is knitted to perfection, fusing comfort and performance in style.

The combination of stringent quality control and technology allowed Loro Piana’s cashmere and wool to turn into superior quality knits, garments and other luxury wear. The brand’s extensive knowledge in the material and desire to push further with the aid of sophisticated tech resonates within each of their creations.


Josiah Chua
Fashion Director
Josiah is the Fashion Director in charge of styling shoots and writing the fashion pages. On his days off, he locks himself at home designing and sewing up a collection in preparation for his label's runway debut.