Apart from shielding our eyes from the effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays and bright light, your pair of shades can also make a bold fashion statement. Through the years, we witnessed an increase in demand for more arty yet wearable eyewear variations. The arrival of Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster for instance, introduced artistic options that serve as statement accessories to go with your look.

Pencil glasses with blue pen (Photo credit: Gentle Monster)
Rockerfish shades (Photo credit: Gentle Monster)

Recent trending styles are shield sunglasses and graphical shades with mirrored lenses — these pieces are guaranteed to make a bold statement this summer.


Gentle Fendi (Gentle Monster x Fendi)
Gentle Fendi collection, Gentle Monster x Fendi
Gentle Fendi capsule collection, Gentle Monster x Fendi (Photo credit: Fendi)

Watch out for the Gentle Fendi No.1 shades, the most coveted eyewear style from the Gentle Fendi capsule collection. Its sleek acetate and metal structure is a fusion of Fendi’s distinctive style and Gentle Monster‘s futuristic touch. The sharply sliced tinted frames are reflective of the message behind the blend of these two labels and embody innovation and craftsmanship. The artisanal styles from the capsule will be made available starting from early May, exclusively at the Fendi and Gentle Monster’s Marina Bay Sands boutiques.


Oakley Crystal Pop shades
Oakley crystal pop shades
Oakley crystal pop shades (Photo credit: Oakley)

These crystal pop shades from Oakley could pass off as a pair of futuristic ski goggles. The sporty and edgy piece celebrates life and individuality through its transparent frame material inspired by the hue of festivals. Its gradient toned lens also adds a contemporary touch to its minimalistic and streamlined design.


Giorgio Armani Les Malachites shades
Giorgio Armani Les Malachites
Giorgio Armani les malachites shades (Photo credit: Giorgio Armani)

Giorgio Armani eyewear collection aims to express calmness through its simple yet graphical designs set to portray tranquil moments. Les Malachites is a key eyewear style that features a prominent curved acetate detail that mimics the swirls on a malachite crystal mineral. This style is also available in other tones such as red, blue and green havana details. Its simplicity and colours used are also reflected in the range of Giorgio Armani’s clothing collection and accessories.


Prada SPR 61V and SPR 59V shades
Prada SPR 61V and SPR 59V shades
Prada SPR 61V and SPR 59V shades (Photo credit: Prada)

Prada‘s spirit of experimentation prevails in its eyewear designs. This season’s range boasts a selection that exudes modern femininity and sophistication. The SPR 61V features a multicoloured wrap-around front and made to be lightweight. The SPR 59V on the other hand placed focus on its laser cut two-tone flames on its sides giving it a playful and quirky flair.


Dolce & Gabbana Cuore Sacro lace shades
Dolce & Gabbana cuore sacro round frame lace shades
Dolce & Gabbana cuore sacro round frame lace shades (Photo credit: Dolce & Gabbana)

The huge sphere frames of the Dolce and Gabbana cuore sacro shades is decorated with a perforated lace like metal trim — a key feature from the cuore sacro eyewear line. This detail is also available on the cat-eye frames from the collection. Take your pick from selection of colours like yellow gold, pink gold and silver that comes with tinted lenses in shades of purple, brown and even smoke grey.

Josiah Chua
Fashion Director
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