They say that a good suit should fit like your second skin. Indeed, one inescapable facet of formal menswear is that the clothes have very little leeway when it comes to fit.

Nowhere is this cardinal rule seen more than in the art of suit tailoring where every inch makes a mile of difference. Sure it takes a little more time than getting it off the rack but you get a suit that’s fashioned to the contours of your silhouette. Even so, there’s one benefit that many of us have overlooked: the ability to tailor suits for hot weather.

Besides aesthetic measurements like shoulder width, length and whether your prefer a slim or relaxed fit, the construction and fabric of your choice is a matter of practically. It directly affects your level of comfort — a point not to ignore especially if you’re wearing the ensemble the entire day.

While the bulk of suiting is geared towards the climes of the Northern hemisphere, fear not for those of us wanting to look sharp without suffocating in the heat do have options.

From unlined jackets to fabric choice and even colour, the next time you head to the tailor, arm yourself with this handy guide on how to tailor suits for hot weather. After all, if that suit should fit like your second skin, then it better feel like it too.