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Insanely tiny bags are this season’s biggest fashion statement

They might look like miniature designer bags made for Barbie dolls but those teeny tiny bags seen on the runways this season are in fact, actual designer handbags. What on earth does anyone put in them?

After all, these micro-bags range from being as small as a credit card to an average human palm size — which fits lesser than your usual stash of daily necessities. The absurdly smallest would only fit a few vitamin pills,  or probably a lipstick or two.

Regardless, we are sure that you will eventually find a way fit one of these tiny designer bags into your outfit. The biggest fashion statements can indeed be the smallest of things.

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Jacquemus LeMini Chiquito

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean a great deal of thought hasn’t been put into it. The Jacquemus LeMini Chiquito is handcrafted in goat suede in a myriad of colours and accompanied with a thin leather strap. This bag is so tiny that it would probably only fit a mint, some loose change and probably your USB. That doesn’t seem to be stopping savvy shoppers because this accessory is already sold out.

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Jil Sander Bracelet Bag

Half bracelet, half bag and as the name suggests, the Jil Sander bracelet bag would keep your daily belongings safe around your wrists. This snappy micro-bag won’t hold much but it’ll sure add a touch of sophistication to your look.

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Brandon Maxwell B Bag

Probably the smallest of the bunch, the b bag is likely the most coveted micro-bag, especially after Gigi Hadid sashayed down the runway of designer Brandon Maxwell. She also showcased her love for mini bags on an episode of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and of course she brought along her b bag which — surprise surprise — opens to reveal that its actually a compact mirror in disguise of a bag.


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Valentino Bucket Bag

Make no mistake, the bucket is slightly bigger than an average person’s fist and comes with a long leather strap and drawstring closures. When the drawstring is released, there is more space to fit than you can imagine. This will most definitely hold your mobile phone, a mini wallet and if there’s room, your bunch of keys.

5 /5

Giambattista Valli Mot D'amour Bag

Crafted to resemble an envelope, this rectangular leather case comes with an adjustable strap and single silver-tone studs or double studs. You’ll fit in a couple of notes and credit cards and have them seated around your waistline for quick access.

Insanely tiny bags are this season’s biggest fashion statement

Josiah Chua

Fashion Director

Josiah is the Fashion Director in charge of styling shoots and writing the fashion pages. On his days off, he locks himself at home designing and sewing up a collection in preparation for his label's runway debut.

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