The 1950s weren’t exactly the most progressive of eras. Aside from the Western second-wave feminist insurgence, the decade is generally associated with petticoat-flounced femininity. Heels were mandatory, and so were crimson lips and impeccably curled up-dos. Which is why it’s quite fascinating that a handbag embodying every attribute you’d expect of a vintage leather accessory — from the ’50s box silhouette down to the gratifying click of the clasp — can look so current. The bag in question is none other than the Céline Clasp bag.

celine clasp bags
The many shapes, shades and sizes of the Céline Clasp.

Albeit having been around for merely a year, fashion in-the-knows dub the Clasp as the do-no-wrong arm piece. You’ve seen pink-haired Irene Kim stroll with an optical white one in hand during fashion month, or an extra-large Cabas rendition in burgundy nestling on the crook of Miranda Kerr’s arm multiple times for different occasions. The Clasp is a street style staple that deftly, and impeccably, chameleons into your look. It’s a Phoebe Philo creation, after all.

If, like us, you’re having a tough time processing the incredulous reality of a Philo-less Céline, the Clasp is one of the last masterpieces from her legacy you can still shop and own. Not that you need more excuses to head right over to your nearest Céline boutique, but below, meet 5 of Spring 2018’s fresh new spins on the consummate classic.

Céline Clasp bags are available in boutiques.