Monogrammed products are all the rage today. They aren’t just exclusive to blue-blooded royals or the aristocracy anymore. Everyone from bloggers to influencers (and even yours truly) has the luxury of monogramming their initials onto something they own. But why are we so obsessed with stamping our names on our worldly possessions?

Monograms have been a territorial claim for generations. The ancient Romans and Greeks used it to mark their coins. A few centuries later, artisans, painters, and craftsmen were using it as their signatures. Now, they are everywhere. You can find monograms on everything from phone cases and bags to wallets, bathrobes, and pillowcases. Bernie Madoff even once had his boxer shorts monogrammed with his initials.

A monogram is a symbol of pride. It distinguishes what is yours, and the many styles a monogram can come in will prove your discerning taste. There’s a practical reason too, as people will be less inclined to steal something that’s prominently emblazoned with your name.

If you want to get in on some of that monogram action, here are the luxury brands that will let you put a personalised spin on their products.

(Featured photo: Gucci; Main photo: Goyard)