Who would have guessed that the best way to showcase your patriotic side at this year’s National Day was with your face mask?

In anticipation of Singapore’s SG55 birthday bash this August, several local fashion brands and companies have been spurred on to reimagine the humble accessory.

You can now choose to show off your pride for the island with red and white cotton masks, or with tongue-in-cheek designs that incorporate surprising elements of Singaporean culture. Like those Good Morning Towels, for example.

Whether you’re one of the few lucky guests attending the 2020 National Day Parade, or you’re just looking to celebrate the nation’s 55th year of independence, you can commemorate the occasion with one of the many locally-made face masks designs below.

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Tong Tong red white mask

You don’t need something as literal as the Singapore flag to let everyone know how much you love this country. This floral cotton mask by Tong Tong Friendship Store will do the job just fine, and it’ll come in handy for future holidays like Christmas and Chinese New Year. There are two styles to choose from: a 2-ply, 3D contoured mask, and a simpler, 3-ply “sampan-style” mask.

(Photo credit: Tong Tong)

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Onlewo ‘City In The Garden’ mask

Singapore design studio Onlewo offers a variety of stylish National Day-themed masks, but this one has our pick. It’s made with printed cotton fabric where you can spot charming illustrations of local landmarks, like the Singapore Botanic Gardens, the Singapore Art Museum, ION Orchard and more. It comes in both teen and adult sizes, and features a pocket for a filter and wire.

(Photo credit: Onlewo)

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Wheniwasfour 'Good Morning Towel' mask

Wheniwasfour’s mask comes with a dose of nostalgia. Anyone old enough to remember those Good Morning Towels favoured by uncles at the coffee shop will appreciate how their iconic motif has been adapted in this playful design. Its outer layer uses microfiber fabric, but the inside of the mask is made with the same material as those OG towels: good old cotton.

(Photo credit: Wheniwasfour)

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CYC 'Kopitiam Chair' print mask

Singapore heritage tailoring company CYC knows a thing or two about making face masks. Theirs are made with premium Egyptian cotton, and even comes with an N95 hydrophobic filter for those who want something truly functional. But it’s the pattern used in this design that’s worth another look. It features the things you’d spot at a Kopitiam, such as the red plastic chairs, stray cats, Mynah birds and, of course, tissue packets.


(Photo credit: CYC)

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Pefore 'Fighter Jets' mask

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that this an official mask for the 2020 National Day Parade. After all, who wouldn’t be impressed by the embroidery of those fighter jet planes? But Pefore’s maroon mask is available for everyone, NDP spectator or not. It’s made with a medical grade fabric and an inner layer of Dri-Fit material that will guard you as much as our national defence forces.

(Photo credit: Pefore)

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Ans.ein SG55 red and white mask

Singapore fashion brand Ans.ein specialises in batik printing, a local heritage craft that it celebrates in its face mask designs. Each mask is made by hand through the traditional batik stamping process, so no two are the same. They also offer triple protection, featuring a soft cotton twill inner layer, waterproof medical-grade middle layer and a patterned outer layer.

(Photo credit: Ans.ein)

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Maskela 'Peranakan' mask

Maskela, launched by Covetella founder Carol Chen, offers the glamour of Chen’s gown rental label in mask form. This 3D mask celebrates Peranakan culture with an intricate floral print on its outer layer of Japanese cotton. The inner layer, which features a hidden filter pocket and a flexible nose wire, uses Egyptian cotton instead, providing the ultimate comfort.

(Photo credit: Maskela)

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