The craze behind Adidas’ NMD R1’s defined a massive part of sneaker culture in 2016. Nearly everyone hopped on the bandwagon, coveting the comfort of the sockfit shoe and their chunky soles, rendering the NMD R1s the de facto athleisure staple for the year.

They were virtually impossible to purchase, given how quickly rabid sneakerheads would snap up each new drop. But with the release of the Adidas NMD R2, you might just be able to score yourself a pair.

adidas nmd r2 where to buy in sg pedder on scotts
The monochromatic R2s.

The R2 is a new silhouette that has some visible reworks of the original R1. The rubber plugs on the sides have been done away, and are instead etched into the textured Boost sole. They also feature a Primeknit upper, with distinct stripes on the body for a more streamlined effect. There’s also a dedicated women’s only range, featuring polka-dotted R2s we find pretty adorable.

adidas nmd r2 where to buy in sg pedder on scotts
Three of the new R2s available at Pedder on Scotts.

These shoes are dropping on the main Adidas website today, but are also available at Pedder on Scotts. Six versions will be available here, spanning both two-toned and monochromatic styles.

To buy a pair, head down to Pedder on Scotts. If you’re brave enough, try your luck on the Adidas website instead.

Contact Pedder on Scotts for more information at +65 6244 2883.

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