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Trend to try: Neon statement pieces

In a society where dressing three inches left of the common sartorial denominator gets you uncomfortably gawked at throughout your entire commute, wearing neon is shaky business. But with Spring/Summer ’17 coming, it’s time to push the boundaries a little. Runways like Chanel, Chloé and Valentino were sporting head-to-toe bright hues, in particular canary yellows and bold fuschias. If you want to be on trend, it’s time to fortify your wardrobe with the loudhailers of the colour wheel. Not everyone is going to feel comfortable shirking their security blanket neutrals in favour of rocking an ensemble reminiscent of your primary school highlighter pack, and we get it. Instead, get your feet wet with neon statement pieces.

Working neon is all about making it the focal point of your outfit, and letting all else meld into a visually-appealing supporting role (a.k.a this is not an excuse to live out your cyber punk Harajuku girl fantasies). When in doubt, just rock an all black ensemble with a blinding pop.

We’ve curated five statement pieces for you to integrate into your wardrobe at the turn of the season.

Balenciaga leather-trimmed canvas clutch

Uplifted by a bright strip of patent neon leather, this ecru canvas clutch is a striking accessory to sport with a soft grey look. It is sizeable enough to use as an everyday bag too, so carry it to the office with your regulation gear as a sign of quiet rebellion.

S$1195, Net-A-Porter.

Kenzo tiger espadrilles

As if neon pink wasn’t ostentatious enough, these Kenzo espadrilles have a massive tiger’s head on them too, and we love it. Freshen up your white-tee and cut-off jeans uniform by flaunting these shoes around town, or pair them with a neon yellow dress if you’re going all out.

S$363, Farfetch.

Christian Louboutin Debout pump

The classic Christian Louboutin Debout pumps receives an upgrade in neon pink, yellow and PVC. The holographic iridescence of these heels perfectly cut the in-your-face value of the neon leather accents, without dulling down the shoe’s wow factor. If you’re looking for something vibrant to update your party shoe collection, this is the one.

S$1200, Christian Louboutin.

Chloé gold-tone and tasseled cotton bracelet

It doesn’t get subtler than this. Bright teal tassels are a blink-and-you-miss-it accent ideal for anyone who just doesn’t do colour, but feels like they need to broaden their wardrobe horizons (new year’s resolutions, we get you). Stack it with other colourful accessories, or a pair of neon ear studs for extra oomph.

S$446, Net-A-Porter

Maison Margiela sheer hooded jacket

This Margiela jacket looks like a raincoat, but is really just sheer organza. Optical illusion aside, this is a stunning statement jacket to own for any fashionista who’s style slants towards athleisure. Wear it unzipped to make it appear less like rain gear, and relish in the comfort it brings thanks to the lightweight material.

S$4053, Farfetch.

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