Internationally renowned Japanese brand, Onitsuka Tiger is celebrating its landmark 70th anniversary this year by announcing a creative partnership with seven cult fashion designers. Each will present a series of distinctive sneakers and apparel that will be revealed in a unique, one-by-one introduction of their creators over the coming months.

In a move that ensures a diverse selection of individualistic designs and edgy styles, these seven acclaimed designers hail from Japan and across the globe. They include Takayuki Chino who is the designer for CINOH; Kim Kiroic of KKtP; Masanori Morikawa of CHRISTIAN DADA; Shimo Zhou and Une Yea of STAFFONLY; Kathleen Hanhee Kye of KYE; and Teppei Fujita of sulvam.

(Image Credit: Onitsuka Tiger)
(Image Credit: Onitsuka Tiger)

And just to tickle the curiosity of their fans and build some exciting suspense, Onitsuka Tiger is keeping the identity of their seventh and final guest designer a secret. This will only be revealed at the very end of this project, around 16 December 2019.

Eye-catching visuals and stylishly choreographed videos, featured on the brand’s website and social media accounts, will be used to introduce each designer and their collection. The first to make a striking appearance is CINOH, whose designs were released on 4 July.

(Image Credit: Onitsuka Tiger)
(Image Credit: Onitsuka Tiger)

Winner of the Tokyo Fashion Award 2019, Takayuki Chino brings a clean aesthetic to his creations. His three-piece capsule for Onitsuka Tiger includes a pair of pure white sneakers made of enamel leather and canvas. The left and right shoes sport different colour stripes and laces that add a dash of playfulness. The other two pieces in this collection are a navy and white-coloured jacket and pants, with a tri-colour stripe running down the sides.

The schedule for the remaining releases is as follows:
July 29: Kim Kiroic KKtP
August 26: Masanori Morikawa CHRISTIAN DADA
September 23: Shimo Zhou and Une Yea STAFFONLY
October 21: Kathleen Hanhee Kye KYE
November 18: Teppei Fujita sulvam
December 16: Secret designer