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In Seoul: Lee Jae Yoon runs the streets with PUMA

Name: Lee Jae Yoon. Age: 32. Occupation: Professional Korean heartthrob. Having been in the K-drama scene for 13 years, Lee Jae Yoon has perfected his on-screen smile and looking-into-your-soul gaze to set hearts aflutter in a matter of episodes. The Canadian-born actor’s latest major project — 2017’s Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo — marked the twentieth drama series he’s starred in.

Flying to Seoul for a night of street exploring with the Asian Prince Charming pin-up, we learned that Jae Yoon’s good nature isn’t limited within the boundaries of scripts — and that he pulls off Puma’s head-to-toe athleisure pretty darn well.

Slipping into the new Tsugi Shinsei kicks, a newly minted addition to the Tsugi family, Jae Yoon makes it seem like he’s had them forever. But that’s also because the Tsugi Shinsei incorporates a next-level lacing system where instead of traditional tie-up, you would only need to tug on the sides. Comfort comes into play, too: A snug sock constructs the opening, making for a second-skin feel, while the Ignite midsole cushioning brings you for a walk on clouds.

Another newcomer to the line is the Tsugi Blaze trainers. It’s a futuristic fusion between the Japanese elements of the Tsugi line and the cult-favourite Blaze of Glory silhouette. And just like the Shinsei, it employs a complex lacing that’s made for both form and function.

Whether it’s nonchalantly pairing the new Tsugi Shinsei sneakers with casual joggers or the Tsugi Blaze with an oh-so-in tracksuit co-ord, swipe through the slideshow to see Lee Jae Yoon running the streets of Seoul in style.

The Tsugi sneakers are available in key outlets Limited Edt Vault at 313 Somerset and Chamber at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. For more product details, tap on the + icons.


Photography: Hugo Lee
Stylist: Sharon B. Tan
Makeup: Park Hye Young
Hair: Kim Joung Ok