Prior to a generation of wallets, money clips were used to hold paper currency (or bank notes) together, or even clip (the money) to one’s pant pocket or clothing to prevent being pick-pocketed.

Today, money clips can be said to be more of a fashion accessory for men. It can even be an object of status or affiliation to a certain company or group, as they can be easily engraved.

Money clip
Minas money clip is 18k yellow gold.

Definitely an object of luxury and social status, the Minas money clip is crafted fully in 18k yellow gold. This sleek minimalistic design of a simple money clip incorporates a neoprene spine which strengthens its overall structure. Each piece is handcrafted by artisans and hand-signed by the designer himself.

money clip
Minas money clip in silver, €800 (S$1,215).

Trained as a goldsmith since he was fifteen, Athens-born Minas established his presence as a jewellery designer who only crafted pieces in gold and silver. He then expanded his skills to furniture design and art-making in 1990.

He has since collaborated with renowned Danish silverware and jewellery company, Georg Jensen, major Greek porcelain company, Ionia, and  Japanese supermarket giant, Isetan. All of which were to create different either objects of art for exhibitions, or jewellery.

Treating all his work (from jewellery to furniture to buildings) as art pieces, Minas offers a lifetime guarantee on all jewellery and accessories the company produces.

Got a wad of cash to spare, or to hold? Here’s a work of art to consider bringing around in your pocket.

Minas money clip in 18k yellow gold,  €14,000 (S$21,257).