A pair of gold pumps, studded with diamonds, is one dazzling way to step into a party. But only the truly well-heeled fashionistas can pull this look off. At a cool S$23 million (US$17 million), the Passion Diamond shoes are the world’s most expensive footwear.  



A string of diamonds extends around the mouth and back of the sleek gold leather pump.


There are strings of more 200 flawless white diamonds wrapped around the mouth and back of the Italian-made stilettos. But the crowning glory of this gold patent leather creation is by the vamp — two 15-carat white diamond perched on gold prongs. The inside of the shoes bear the names of the UAE-based collaborators, Passion Jewellers and design studio Jada Dubai, embossed into the soles with precious gold.


And if that’s not excessive enough, the shoes are now housed in a diamond-shaped case at the Burj Al Arab, the world’s only seven-star hotel.



Why spare such expense for a pair of heels? The 26-year-old designer Maria Majari said in an interview that there are opulent leather goods, jewellery and clothes, but not shoes. The collaboration allowed Majari and her studio Jada Dubai to take footwear to the next level.


The Passion Diamond shoes also knocked off a previous record set by UK-designer Debbie Wingham in 2017. Wingham’s shoes cost S$21.2 million, clad in platinum, gold and diamonds. The one-of-a-kind pair was successfully sold off to a couple in Dubai as a present for their daughter. It’s very likely that there is no shortage of interested buyers for the Passion Diamond shoes as well.


Debbie Wingham’s cake-inspired heels, sprinkled with diamonds, gold and platinum, was priced at S$21 million.



While the pair on display is a petite US 5.5, aspiring Cinderellas can customise their own pair provided they have S$23 million to spare. If it is of any consolation to buyer, the shoes will also come with a lifetime warranty for repairs (read: broken heels, or missing diamonds).


If the Passion Diamond shoes prove too blasé, check out Jada Dubai’s other gem-embellished shoes of rubies, pearls and sapphires.

Jasmine Tay
Senior Writer
Jasmine Tay is the dining, culture and jewellery writer. She makes fine silver jewellery and causes mini-explosions in the kitchen when she can't afford fancy dinners. Sometimes she tells people what she thinks about art, and binges on the music of Danzig when they don’t agree.