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Steal her Style: Stripes and Camo

Here’s are two trends that will never go away: Stripes and Camo. We all know that stripes are classic, and can be worn with almost everything. Camo on the other hand, pops in and out of fashion, but never really goes away.

With each passing season, stripes and camo get a fresh, modern update. Be it in a different materials, colours, or add-ons (think embellishments and motifs). Street style mavens and designers always find ways to style them.

Here’s a tip on wearing both stripes and camo together in an ensemble without looking like you’re trying too hard: Balance a masculine number with a slightly more feminine counterpart.

Want a more unexpected touch to your stripes and camo pairing? Throw in a pop of colour! We’re loving bright yellow at the moment.

(Photo credits: Diego Zuko)