“The interesting thing about seeing clothes in the everyday is that it’s not on a model,” said street style photographer Tommy Ton on the significance of street style trends in a recent interview with us. “Yes, clothes do look better on models — but when you see someone that has a new sense of style, it’s refreshing.”

We can’t agree more. Sure, we do love fresh trends and fads proffered by well-loved designers as part of their idealistic offerings on the runway. Yet, there’s an organic aspect to those that are borne by real life individuals, compared to ones sported by otherworldly six-foot tall models.

As Spring 2018’s fashion month unfolds before us, we scour the streets and round up the five ‘It’ items shaping up current street style trends in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. From Insta-worthy net bags to the comfort-championing kitten heels, scroll down and discover them all here.

(All images: Dan Roberts)