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Here’s how fashion icons are styling up the leather jacket this season

Undaunted by falling temperatures, numerous fashion icons have set aside long warm overcoats, which are right on-trend this season, for leather jackets and perfectos. Imbued with the spirit of rock or in casual and urban cuts, there are leathers for all tastes and occasions, and even for all seasons, as fashion addicts Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, and Irina Shayk demonstrate below.

Oversize like Bella Hadid

The American top model often shares sexy and glamorous images from her photo shoots, but favors a casual look when she takes to the streets, whether it be for a walk between shows or a holiday stroll. For proof, look no further than this outfit comprising trousers and a long-sleeved top combined with an oversize leather jacket. It is a style that suits the catwalk star down to the ground, but not one that allows her to escape attention from photographers.

All in leather like Kaia Gerber

At only age 18, the sought-after model has her own well-defined style, which is often expressed in casual-chic looks when she is away from the runway. In November, Cindy Crawford’s daughter shared this chic snap in which she wears a leather jacket with perfectly coordinated gloves. A casual bucket hat with a tweedy print provides the perfect contrast.

Sexy like Candice Swanepoel

Can you really be sexy in a leather jacket? Yes, you can! For proof, look no further than this shot from Candice Swanepoel’s Instagram. The sultry blonde wears a motorcycle jacket zhuzhed up with a belt and a multitude of zips… But where are the pants? While we can’t advise anyone to take to the streets in such an outfit, this jacket would be ideal worn with a long dress and boots for example.

Rock like Irina Shayk

Russian top model Irina Shayk really knows how to wear a leather jacket. She recently gratified her fans with this look, which is both rock and sexy. It combines a motorcycle jacket with a simple low-cut white top, ripped jeans, and snake-print thigh boots. An explosive outfit that the internationally renowned model wears to perfection.