Every year, hundreds of fashion students will advance from their design schools to pursue their dreams in fashion. Many have proven their talent as well as capabilities by clinching prestigious fashion awards and even nailed internships with reputable fashion houses prior to their graduation. After scouting the internet for fashion’s next rising talents, here are six promising fashion designers to watch in 2019.


Fredrik Tjaerandsen from Central Saint Martins
Fredrik Tjaerandsen
Fredrik Tjaerandsen graduate runway show (Photo credit: Niall McInerney)

This outrageous balloon outfit that you’ve seen flooding on your social media feed is designed by Central Saint Martins Womenswear designer, Fredrik Tjaerandsen. His design explores the transformative state of clothing through blowing up and deflating a balloon into an outfit. The models were sent down the runway in fully inflated forms which at one point would deflate to reveal a puffy distorted look. Tjaerandsen’s radical and show stopping designs also won him the L’Oreal Professional Young Talent Award — an instant boost in his status as one of the most promising fashion designers to watch.

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Mengying Li from London College of Fashion
Mengying Li
Mengying Li’s graduate fashion collection (Photo credit: Mengying Li)

Originally from China, Mengying Li moved to London to pursue research in fashion to better inform her creations. Attempting a futuristic design approach, fashion design graduate Li combines space-inspired outfits with fabric and materials that absorb or reflect sounds. Her cloud-like cushioned garments are completed with pops of tinted panels that resemble an astronaut’s gear.

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Chew by Clara Chu from Royal College of Art
Clara Chu's fashion accessory collection
Clara Chu’s fashion accessory collection (Photo credit: Clara Chu)

Daily objects like packaging and household items inspire the style of Royal College of Art graduate, Clara Chu’s masterpieces. These toy-like fashion accessories and candy toned bags are crafted and built using fashion forward methods such as 3D printing and laser cutting. Do not let its child-like aesthetics fool you, these designs are actually functional. In fact, we would kill to get our hands on her ultra cute pieces despite it looking like something we would find in a four-year-old’s play pen.

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Sensen Lii from Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
Sensen Lii
Sensen Lii’s fashion runway collection (Photo credit: Sensen Lii)

Gender fluidity and abstract forms are keywords that grounds the work from fashion graduate Sensen Lii’s runway show. This Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp fashion graduate cooks up a storm during his fashion presentation with provocative looks that resemble creatures birthed from nightmares — think the world of Pan’s Labyrinth worked into an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Interestingly, his strangely alluring and theatrical pieces are very well received by performance artists such as Leigh Bowery and Sasha Velour. Enough said, we are extremely excited to see what this one creates next.

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Linda Kokkonen from Aalto University
Linda Maaria
Linda Kokkonen’s graduate fashion collection (Photo credit: Linda Kokkonen)

Aalto University graduate Linda Kokkonen presents haunting medieval outfits with what seems inspired by dark romanticism and witchcraft. Her designs showcase ripped and dishevelled lace-like textiles in billowing silhouettes, styled with corset belts, leather gloves and boots — a tad creepy but still rather bewitching. Apart from the heavily layered forms, a couple of her fashion looks explored intricate hand techniques like macramé, crochets and braiding.

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Stina Randestad from The Swedish School of Textiles
Stina Randestad's fashion graduate collection
Stina Randestad’s fashion graduate collection (Photo credit: Stina Randestad)

Textile design is another subject major that students explore in fashion school. Take a look at Stina Randestad’s pieces — design graduate from The Swedish School of Textiles — and you’d see why. She introduces new forms to the body by manipulating fabric to create patterns and shapes that distort the original human form. Randestad’s designs are usually made in vibrant colours and in an array of textures and shapes, which changes form when you look at it from a different angle.

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Josiah Chua
Fashion Director
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