A new wave of It-bags are flooding the front rows at Fashion Week, gracing the arms of modern trendsetters all over the world. Characterised by sleek lines and architectural shapes, these bags are the antithesis of those by legacy brands such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton, perfect for the Instagram age.

These emerging brands are breaking into the handbag category, paving the way for other new labels to enter the market. Whether from the London-based Danse Lente or Turkish MANU Atelier, these bags are functional, stylish, and designed for the modern woman.

The shift was first ignited by the success of Mansur Gavriel in 2012, resulting in a boom in niche bag brands as a result of several changes in consumer behaviour; such as exclusivity, luxury quality at a better price point, and a strong social media presence.

Here, the cult bags to get acquainted with, and to add to your handbag rotation.