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6 best Givenchy bags to add more edge to your daily wardrobe

Often dubbed the ‘Style Capital of The World’, it comes as no surprise that France plays host to some of the most enduring legacy names in the fashion industry. Of those that come up frequently in conversation include Hubert de Givenchy, whose eponymous label continues to remain exceedingly popular for its signature black cocktail dresses and of course, some of the best luxury bags in the market.

Founded in 1952 after his departure from the House of Schiaparelli as its artistic director, Givenchy’s reputation for introducing highly adaptable separates and streamlined silhouettes made the label a household name among affluent clients who were looking to be liberated from more restrictive, corseted lines that were popular during the time.


His garments, while capable of accentuating femininity, did not restrict the wearer’s movement and granted chic comfort that was further made accessible to the masses through the introduction of his ready-to-wear line. The label’s popularity surged to even greater heights through Givenchy’s close association with immutable Hollywood legend, Audrey Hepburn, whom he first dressed in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in his now iconic ‘little black dress’.

Today, most luxury consumers will most likely associate Givenchy with its edgy line of bags, whether it be from the classic Antigona to the fresh-faced Cut Out hobo bag. And if you’re thinking of adding one to your collection, you should definitely check out our picks of the best Givenchy bags that will single-handedly elevate your daily wardrobe.

6 best Givenchy bags to invest in for 2023:

Givenchy Antigona Bag

best givenchy bags 2023 antigona medium

Introduced as a more structured counterpart to the Nightingale bag in 2011, Ricardo Tisci’s Givenchy Antigona bag has easily become the label’s most iconic shape by a considerable margin. A sobering bowling bag design that offered a great deal of capacity regardless of its size, the Antigona could be worn by its top handles, or across the body with an adjustable strap.

Its sleek style and ease of use made it an overnight success that was further buoyed by appearances on the arms of celebrities such as Rihanna and Charlize Theron. Named after the Theban princess Antigone of Greek lore, it is easily identifiable by its signature, downwards pointing triangular flap that features the Givenchy logo across its breadth.

For those looking to start off their collection with their first Givenchy bag, the Antigona in its Mini iteration offers the most versatility, easily transitioning from daytime boardroom meetings to evening cocktail soirees, given its dainty proportions.

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Givenchy Pandora Bag

best givenchy bags 2023 pandora handbag leather

Another master stroke penned by Ricardo Tisci was the Givenchy Pandora bag, which made its first debut during the Fall/Winter 2009 presentation. Unorthodox in its construction, the Pandora shares many of the traits ascribed to the vessel from Greek mythology which it takes its name after, with two zippers sewn on the edges of a supple rectangle providing access to utilitarian compartments that can fit all of your essentials and then some.

Offered in a variety of different styles throughout its lifespan, including a more rigid Pandora Box shape and the Pandora Pure satchel, Givenchy has since culled the herd and now only sells the Mini Pandora, which is strictly a crossbody bag, and the Medium which offers a top handle. Go for the latter, if only for the number of different ways you can style the bag.

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Givenchy 4G Soft Bag

givenchy 4g soft bag

Under the direction of creative director Matthew M. Williams of 1017 ALYX 9SM fame, a new lineup of bags was introduced by Givenchy. One of the earliest styles to make their appearance at the time was the Givenchy 4G bag, which was an unassuming flap bag that introduced the ‘4G’ logo motif prominently on its clasp, in addition to a distinctive cube chain.

A supple version dubbed the Givenchy 4G Soft was later added to the range, made of supple calfskin. While the original’s elegantly uninterrupted lines were imbued with a sophistication that has always been associated closely with Givenchy, the 4G Soft brings about an air of substantially pared-down nonchalance, especially when worn crossbody.

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Givenchy Voyou Hobo Bag

best givenchy bags voyou hobo bag 2023 to invest in

Speaking of nonchalance, those who are looking for a slouchy carryall don’t have to look further beyond the Givenchy Voyou Hobo bag. Another creation by Williams, this bag takes after the resurgence of soft, capacious bag shapes that have recently populated the luxury bag space. But of course, it has been given a distinctively Givenchy twist, featuring strap and buckle details that frame the corners of each side for an edgier appearance.

As a daily carryall, the Large size works best as it can easily fit everything from a 13-inch laptop to a generous water bottle and a compact umbrella. Owing to its pliant leather, the bag somehow manages to retain a strong essence of polished glamour, whether it’s depleted of its contents or filled to the very brim.

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Givenchy Cutout Bag

best givenchy bags cutout handbag

As the name suggests, the Givenchy Cutout Bag features a unique downward triangle cutout that is cinched in by a strap closure in the middle. Clean lines are once again the du rigeur here to an almost severe degree, with little else spared for any other extraneous design features.

Given that fact, this is perhaps the best bag to pick from the Givenchy range if you’re looking for a dainty evening accessory for formal events or dinner dates with a special someone. And nowhere is that more readily apparent than in its Micro guise, which is more of a minaudiere than an actual handbag. Featuring a metal frame that surrounds the entire periphery of the bag’s shape, it even comes with a small cube chain for added glamour.

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Givenchy Kenny Bag

givenchy bags 2023

For the trendsetter who finds themselves wandering onto the off-beaten track, the Givenchy Kenny Bag is the one to pick from the range. An underdog from the label that has yet to see its due from bag lovers, its dumpling shape beautifully creases in with folds that cinch by the length of Givenchy’s signature cube chains that have been appropriated into handles. A stunning 4G lock completes the design.

Both the Mini and Medium sizes are worth a look, as they appeal to different social settings accordingly. But we’d say go for the Small, as it can masquerade as a large clutch bag when held in the crook of your arm, without sacrificing capacity. Whereas for the Mini, you won’t get away with fitting much in it at all.

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(Hero and featured image credits: Givenchy)

6 best Givenchy bags to add more edge to your daily wardrobe

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