Fashion documentaries are addictive because they offer a look into glamourous worlds little known. Recall The First Monday in May which took us behind the hyper-exclusive Met Gala, or the most recently released McQueena biopic that brought viewers on a journey through late British designer’s rise and tragic fall. We crave that vicarious sense of privileged insight the genre gives, and Chanel has stepped forward to deliver that with an episode in the upcoming Netflix-produced docu-series, 7 Days Out. 

7 days out karl lagerfeld chanel netflix documentary
Lagerfeld, a living legend.

Directed by Andrew Rossi, 7 Days Out traverses significant moments in the careers of contemporary cultural leaders. It premieres with an episode of Karl Lagerfeld working to put together the Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018 show and interweaves that intimate process with a look at Lagerfeld’s process. The enigmatic creative director has long been an open mystery to the world. Behind the monochromatic suit, dark glasses and powdered wig is a visionary that has cemented Chanel’s legacy since 1983 and an all-access narrative to his genius makes the Chanel episode on 7 Days Out all the more anticipated.

7 days out karl lagerfeld chanel netflix documentary
The painstakingly-produced gown known as Look 39.

Beyond Lagerfeld, the episode will also bring viewers to the Chanel atelier and studio on 31 Rue Cambon during the peak of when the Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2018 collection was being constructed. This is also the time where Lagerfeld’s vision of a sequined gown took 1,000 hours of production and an army of ateliers and seamstresses to conceive — a feat that the episode may potentially explore.

The first episode is slated to drop on 21 December on Netflix, so instead of lining up your watchlist with Christmas films, why not engage with a dynamic portrait of a definitive fashion myth and legend?


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