It’s hard to shake off the desire to cop the stylish bags from the latest  SS2020 men’s runway. Many are more than just statement pieces — they are functional yet stand for fine works of art. A few brands return to the basics of craftsmanship by refreshing their classic bag styles with subtle upgrades with new design features, while others surprise with collaboration pieces. Here are some of the men’s spring/summer 2020 bag styles to keep a look out for.

Hermès ss 2020 Men’s collection backstage bag shots (Photo credit: Hermès)

Véronique Nichanian showcased some stylish bags along with her modernist fashion looks for Hermès ss 2020 men’s collection. The patched leather tote and the Hermès Ultrapla variant in striking teal caught our attention. Adding more casual bag styles this season is also Nichanian’s attempt to achieve an overall contemporary understated collection. If you are contemplating your next investment, add these updated styles to your next spring summer shopping wish list.


Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton ss 2020 Men's collection bag details shots
Louis Vuitton ss 2020 Men’s collection bag details shots (Photo credit: Louis Vuitton)

Virgil Abloh‘s recent creative shift adds a fresh coat of street aesthetics to luxury. The unveiling of a posh streetwear collection is definitely ushering an exciting new age at Louis Vuitton. We were treated to more than a few sensational key looks at the ss 2020 runway show. Hone your street cred and complete your street luxe outfit with Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed plastic and leather sling bag or that striking perforated white hiking backpack.

Loewe backstage bag detail shots
Loewe ss 2020 Men’s collection backstage bag detail shots (Photo credit: Loewe)

Loewe‘s fantastical alien-like models strut down the runway with bright billowy silhouettes paired with bags in boxy forms. One of fashion’s favourite, the puzzle bag, takes on a new colourway this season in a striped candy toned print. Despite the various malleable yet oddly shaped styles, the bags are also surprisingly spacious. Other designs take the form of resort-crafted baskets and weaved beach-inspired bucket bags — subtly reminding you to slot in your next summer holiday booking in advanced.

Dior x rimowa collection featured in Dior's ss 2020 Men's collection
Dior x Rimowa collection featured in Dior’s ss 2020 Men’s collection (Photo credit: Jackie Nickerson / Dior)

The debut of Dior x Rimowa consists of Rimowa’s classic silver-toned cases featuring Dior’s logo print in gradient blue. It’s ultra sleek and polished touch adds a luxurious veneer to one of fashion’s most sought-after travel luggages. Even though it’s Dior’s very first collaboration with Rimowa, the posh collection has already garnered huge interest.

Bags from Fendi ss 2020 Men's collection
Bags from Fendi ss 2020 Men’s collection (Image credit: Fendi)

Silvia Venturini‘s utilitarian workwear turned the simple art of gardening into a fashion extravaganza. Gardening-like uniforms are given a twist with functional details and finishing elevated with geometric shopping tote. The bag features criss-cross leather cut-outs along with a drawstring pouch to hold your daily necessities — the perfect accessory to go along with your outdoor attire.

Josiah Chua
Fashion Director
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