At this point, fashion’s incessant ins-and-outs illicit more of a shrug than the hard-hitting waves that it did in the earlier days. Still, the doors continue to open and shut, and the latest to fold their cards are designer duo, Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud from Carven.

Credit: Modearea | Backstage at Carven RTW Spring 2017
Backstage at Carven RTW Spring 2017. (Credit: Modearea)

What is striking about this departure is the brief stint the duo had with the esteemed French label, having designed for a mere four seasons. The two artistic directors presented their last collection for Carven at Paris Fashion Week. Prior to their departure, menswear designer Baranbé Hardy resigned after 18 months at the maison.

According to Carven, the duo exited in a “mutual agreement”. Carven says it will hire another creative director at “a later point”, but it remains to be seen when the proverbial Russian roulette within the fashion world will ever come to a standstill.

Beatrice Bowers
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