Donning on colours is definitely precarious for the guys because it is inevitably much harder for them to pull off vibrant hues, as compared to the ladies, without looking like Mango (from Saturday Night Live) or Stanford Blatch (from Sex and the City). Sometimes, the colour choices might even clash – just think green with purple, the perfect combination for social suicide.

But that does not necessarily mean you should completely deter from colours. In fact, dressing up in colours can be beneficial, as they are able to evoke different moods and emotions, which is always good to liven up a dull atmosphere.

Rigid white collared jobs might pose a little challenge, but instead of the usual pale blues, soft pinks and whites, try to explore colours for work. It can be fun, but be sure to avoid clashing different shades of colours. Stick to the same family of hues, or you can always pair a sunshine yellow shirt with a neutral (think sand, khaki or black) coloured trousers.