Being innovative, game-changing, and boundary-pushing is what fashion has been known to creatively posit. Still, it’s also about not taking things too seriously. Enter: Fantastically bizarre fashion accessories.

As Spring 2018’s fashion month comes to a close, we have observed an escalating accessory trend afoot. Living in times where we’re bombarded with a lineup of natural disasters, desperate political climates, and incessant awful news the world over, designers are balancing all that with a good dose of optimism — and escapism — on the runways.

Balenciaga and Saint Laurent, for example, cashed in on comfort footwear — offering flood-resistant Crocs and cozy-looking yeti booties, respectively. Maison Margiela and Mother of Pearl took it more literal as they extracted the snugness of home by way of pillow bags.

Below, scroll down and get a recap of the peculiar fashion accessories that made it onto the Spring 2018 catwalks.

(Main image: Alessandro Garofalo; featured image: Maison Margiela, Helmut Lang, and Gucci)