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7 most unhinged Crocs collaborations to ever happen

Merriam-Webster defines “fashion” as “the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time.” So, this is probably the pinnacle of fashion. Here are the wildest, weirdest Crocs collaborations the world has ever seen.

Love them or hate them, these foam clogs are definitely here to stay. It’s one of those brands that know that they aren’t the most luxurious in the market, and aren’t afraid to go with the flow and have fun with their branding. Even if it means being off-the-charts unhinged at times. Here are a few fine prime examples that prove this.

[Hero and featured image credit: KFC/Instagram]

7 wildest Crocs collaborations of all time:

best crocs collaboration Nicole McLaughlin survival kit
Image credit: End Clothing

Crocs x Nicole McLaughlin

In this house, we stan Nicole McLaughlin. She’s a New York-based designer who’s great at creating and altering garments with unconventional materials—think Five Minutes Craft but actually good. In her official collab with Crocs, she has attached a headlamp, a compass, and a paracord, transforming the usual footwear into its own survival kit. Special mention goes to her McDonald’s fries and sauces upgrade too.

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Goth des Garcons Crocs

goth de garcons crocs collab
Image credit: @gothdesgarcons/Instagram

General consensus indicates that this slaps. Even though the shop is on indefinite hiatus, people are still waiting for the day they can slide their feet into the Goth Crocs again. They come in different styles and colours, even, and who doesn’t like some chains and spikes on their Crocs as they wear them down the local farmers’ market?

Crocs x KFC

crocs x kfc collaboration fried chicken jibbitz where to buy
Image credit: KFC

Yes, the C in KFC stands for “Crocs.” Colonel Sanders was rolling in his grave as this iconic collab rolled out. The clogs, complete with fried chicken Jibbitz, are also scented with the finger lickin’ good fragrance of fried chicken. We don’t know what we’re going to do with that information, but the pre-owned prices are now selling for as much as US$825 (approx. S$1,122) on StockX.

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Balenciaga Crocs Madame

balanciaga crocs madame collaboration
Image credit: @crocs/Instagram

The Balenciaga collab with Crocs attached a set of heels to the clogs we know and love. We know what you’re thinking, but we cannot confirm how it would feel walking in one of them, as these bad boys cost around S$875 to own.

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Crocs x Chinatown Market ‘Turf’

Crocs x Chinatown Market Turf collaboration
Image credit: @hypebeastkicks/Instagram

One of the most unhinged Crocs collaborations ever: the Crocs x Chinatown Market titled ‘Turf’. With both the inside and outside almost completely covered in artificial grass, it will make you feel like you’re walking on freshly-cut grass all the time. Now imagine if the grass got wet. That moist, tingling sensation can be yours for just around US$1,690 (approx. S$2,300) a pair.

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Crocs x 7-Eleven

7-eleven crocs 711 collaboration
Image credit: @cosmo.lab_th /Instagram

Ah yes, the collab with 7-Eleven. No one saw it coming, and no one knew how to go about incorporating them into your wardrobe. Featuring a prominent colour scheme of the stores and tidbits stuck on them, the clogs are up for grabs for THB 8,600 (approx. S$330).

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Crocs x Lazy Oaf

lazy oaf crocs gummy bears jibbitz collaboration
Image credit: @lazyoaf/Instagram

A pair of bright lime green Crocs with fake gummy bears stuck to it – what more could you ask for in life? These bad boys come in regular, and also ‘Mega Crush Clog’ which features a 2.4-inch heel stuck to the soles. Many might question why, but we think they’re camp. Sorry, not sorry.

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7 most unhinged Crocs collaborations to ever happen

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