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Zodiac jewellery pieces that double as lucky charms

Jewellery has always been more than mere ornaments.

For the sentimental, they can serve as precious mementos. For the traditional, they can be passed down as time-honoured heirlooms. And for the spiritual, they can be powerful talismans of luck.

That’s especially true of zodiac jewellery, which are now seeing a resurgence thanks to the world’s rekindled interest in astrology. Of course, whether horoscopes hold water is irrelevant; in times of unrest and uncertainty, some of us seek solace in science, while others find consolation in the constellations.

As for jewellery designers, the celestial skies offer plenty of inspiration. Matching the mystical mood of the accessories from the Fall/Winter 2020 runways, many jewellers are embracing zodiac symbolism in their designs. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets now bear charms resembling mythological figures like the Sagittarius archer or the Gemini twins, for example. Others instead feature the abstract pattern of the stars, engraved in metal to form poetic pendants.

Those symbols are universal, but it’s our personal connection to them that draws us all the more to zodiac jewellery. Not that it hurts if they’re made with exquisite craftsmanship and metals and stones laden with meaning. Whatever your star sign, you’ll definitely find something that speaks to you in the following designs.

All 12 zodiac signs are interpreted in this collection of 18k gold necklaces by Tiffany & Co. Not only are their disc-shaped charms engraved with an astrological symbol, but they are also labelled with the name of each sign for absolute clarity. The smattering of stars also add a nice touch to the medallions, which will instantly jazz up a casual outfit.

London-based designer Brooke Gregson has been making her bestselling zodiac necklaces since 2003, and it’s easy to see why they have held their appeal for so long. Inspired by an antique Indian coin, each pendant is crafted with 14k gold that has been specially brushed to resemble the surface of the moon. They are also dotted with diamonds to form the constellations of each star sign, making them a suitable option for those who prefer subtlety.

It may come as no surprise that Coco Chanel, known for her fierce individuality, was a Leo. The fashion designer embraced her star sign wholeheartedly, incorporating its lion symbol in her apartment and her collections alike. Through statement necklaces and dramatic bracelets, Chanel’s Sous le Signe du Lion collection pays homage to the leonine motif that so fascinated its founder. This 18k yellow gold ring is a new addition whose bold, lapis lazuli centre will certainly attract fellow Leos.

London label Alighieri offers an artistic take on the zodiac with its line of necklaces, handcrafted from 24k gold-plated bronze. The molten pendants also lend a mystical quality to the necklaces, all the more reinforced by Alighieri’s description of them. This Taurus one, for example, is said to “bring you luck and courage on all your adventures.”

Inspired by Christian Dior’s famously superstitious nature, Maria Grazia Chiuri often revisits the zodiac in her collections. The Zodiaddict line is a shining example, comprising gold-tone metal chain necklaces adorned with astrological motifs. To be on the safe side, each design also comes with other lucky symbols, such as the clover dangling from the Zodiaddict Sagittarius necklace.

Clare Waight Keller imbued all her designs at Givenchy with glamour. That includes the Zodiac collection, which consists of dramatic hoop earrings handcrafted in Italy. Each design features a larger-than-life charm of a different horoscope sign that are hard to miss. Case in point? This pair of earrings made especially for Scorpios.

Pameyla Cambe
Senior Writer
Pameyla Cambe is a fashion and jewellery writer who believes that style and substance shouldn't be mutually exclusive. She makes sense of the world through Gothic novels, horror films and music. Lots of music.
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