From the striking 128-carat Tiffany Yellow Diamond necklace worn by late screen legend Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s publicity photos, to singer Mariah Carey’s massive 35-carat diamond engagement ring — which cost her fiancé an eye-watering US$10 million (S$13.93 million) — pop culture has clearly taught us one lesson: Size does matter. In fact, google “biggest celebrity engagement rings” and you can easily find numerous photos of Hollywood’s most ostentatious (and pricey) jewels.

But what’s even more fascinating than Tinseltown’s jewels — which have already been meticulously cut, polished and faceted — are oversized, rough gemstones that were discovered in their natural state. Formed over millions of years by rock particles beneath the earth’s surface, these behemoths were, well, born to be statement jewels.

Whatever your predilection may be — diamonds, emeralds or sapphires — here are 5 of the world’s largest and most glorious gemstones.

(Main image: Famous Diamonds/ Ryan Thompson)