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Bulgari’s Cinemagia collection features jewellery that takes as much as 800 hours to craft

“Talking about dreams is like talking about movies, since the cinema uses the language of dreams,” renowned filmmaker Federico Fellini once said. And it is this magical quality of the silver screen that Bulgari has captured with Cinemagia — their latest collection of magnificent high jewellery necklaces. This spellbinding selection features a range of exquisite gemstones, arranged in striking colour combinations that draw attention to the exceptional artistry of the acclaimed Italian brand.

High Jewellery necklace inspired by candies and sweets in the world of cinema (Image credit: Bulgari)

Deeply inspired by Italian cinema of the 1950s, this glamorous collection delves into the movies to create pieces that seem to defy imagination. This is especially true when one considers the sheer ingenuity and technical expertise involved in their making.

The Action! necklace pays tribute to the trailblazing invention of celluloid in 1885. Generously encrusted with 32 carats of pavé diamonds, it has the flowing sinuousness of a roll of film. Thanks to the use of black-silver zirconium, a highly resistant yet supple metal developed by Bulgari. The boldly luxurious necklace is the result of 800 hours of impeccable craftsmanship by a single goldsmith.

(Image Credit: Bulgari)

Taking a flight of fantasy, the Emerald City necklace recalls the eponymous city in the “The Wizard of Oz”. At its heart sits a breathtaking 21.49-carat emerald that steals the show with its brilliance. Rows of triangular prisms, set with pavé diamonds and emeralds, are reminiscent of the towers in the fabled metropolis. In all, the over-all effect of the shimmering green is simply marvelous.

High Jewellery white gold earrings inspired by The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland (Image Credit: Bulgari)

The international jeweller’s affair with emeralds continues with three additional creations. The Forever Liz sautoir with its 24.46-carat octagonal, step-cut emerald and the Gina necklace with a dazzling 34.73-carat cabochon emerald are both certain showstoppers. And the Forever Emeralds necklace, with its 24.31-carat emerald that hangs like a star from an emerald-and-diamonds studded choker, mesmerises with its geometric pattern.

(Image Credit: Bulgari)

A joyful profusion of vivid hues is on display in the aptly named Colour Palette necklace, showcasing chunky amethyst, blue sapphire, pink tourmaline, mandarin garnet and green tourmaline cabochons. The Pirates Treasure sautoir, meanwhile, recalls a glittering sea of blue with its three spectacular mixed-cut sapphires, each larger than 12 carats. A selection of 188 emeralds, 200 sapphires and 94 pavé diamonds provide a stunning backdrop.


And continuing the open-waters motif, the Diamond Sails necklace, with its rippling lines of diamonds and pearls emulates the sails of the pirate ship in “Peter Pan”. Requiring 900 hours of intricate work, this masterpiece is yet another alluring element of Bulgari’s enchanting Cinemagia collection.


“Sometimes, there is an extraordinarily rare gemstone with an inner glow that can’t be found twice in nature. Its uniqueness defines the entire character of a design,”

Lucia Silvestri, creative director at Bulgari
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