Cartier‘s Love Bracelet is just one of the many iconic pieces by the French jeweller. The maison not only celebrates the various angles of femininity but also its opposite traits; ambitious, bold and daring. Clash de Cartier, a two-sided jewel, is one of the finest examples of Cartier‘s dive into duality. The collection celebrates harmony in contrasts — and now once again, Cartier has brought together bold, creative materials that are complete opposites.

Introducing Cartier Magnitude — where materials collide in a marriage of precious stones and ornamental hard stones. It’s a sight that’s rarely seen in high jewellery, but the maison has once again shake up its convention by releasing this collection. Bold, creative materials that were never meant to meet are used, a rare encounter that balances technique with creative flair.

Diamond complements rutilated quartz and allows it to sparkle; sapphire shines the brightest alongside matrix opal; emerald gleams that are usually on its own are paired with rock crystal; while pink diamond is coupled with morganite and coral. Side by side, these elements create light structures that caress the skin when worn. The gems are in a union — hovering between opacity and transparency, the mineral and the precious, pure colours and shimmering nuances, earth and light. Again, each piece seeks harmony in duality.

Discover the collection here.

Jolin Lee
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