Chanel has recently announced a bold new addition to their family of products: The Coco Crush collection. This line of jewellery is as distinctive as it is striking, combining a number of Chanel’s signature design elements into a gorgeous collection of bangles, earrings, bracelets and rings that must be seen to be fully appreciated.

The collection is made all the more distinctive by the inclusion of two elements that are essential underpinnings of the Chanel brand, the first being their iconic quilted pattern, which Gabrielle Chanel brought with her from the equestrian world and made famous in 1920. By 1955, the quilted motif had become fundamental to the company’s designs, and can be seen in the iconic 2.55 bag sold today.

In breathing life into the Coco Crush collection, the quilted pattern that suffuses equestrian culture, found in saddle cloths and horse blankets finds new expression. Metal becomes leather, and the metal is infused with the same sense of comfort and stability. Paired with the sparkling diamonds and sensual playfulness of the other design elements, the result is not like anything you’ve ever seen, and is quite unlike any other piece of jewellery you’ve ever worn.

chanel coco crush
Chanel’s Coco Crush rings. (Photo: Chanel)

The second design element unique to the collection is the fact that the Coco Crush quilted rings are being released in an 18k beige gold alloy that is exclusive to Chanel. This, also in honor of Gabrielle Chanel, who once said: “I go back to beige because it’s natural.”

The rings in the new collection capture this natural, elemental feel, and combine it with the graceful, and sometimes playful lines of the quilted pattern, offset by small or medium diamonds. The rest of the collection is available in either gold or silver, at your preference, and all the pieces bear the same hallmarks described above.

chanel coco crush
The Coco Crush ring in beige gold. (Photo: Chanel)

Perhaps the best part about the new collection is its timelessness and sheer versatility. Because they can be worn every day, their playful design elements ensure that they’re not out of place when paired with outfits designed to highlight, or even flaunt your edgier side.

In the next breath though, those same pieces can be paired with just about any elegant formal or evening wear, and are even perfect when paired with outfits designed for more somber or serious occasions. No matter who you are or what you’re doing, if you’re wearing something from the Coco Crush collection, you’ll always be fashionable.

If you’ve not yet had an opportunity to view the collection, you owe it to yourself to give it a look. We’re sure to find several new pieces to put on your holiday wish list this year.