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Chaumet introduces stackable bracelets to its Bee My Love jewellery collection

In the late 18th century, Chaumet’s founder Marie-Etienne Nitot began creating jewellery pieces inspired by and bedecked with bee motifs — a reference to the golden bee emblem that was often present on emperor Napoleon I’s robe, coat of arms, and even his and his wife Josephine’s apartments. This went on for years, inducting the insect as a recurring symbol in Nitot’s repertoire.

Fast forward three centuries later, and the bee remains equally iconic to Chaumet. In 2012, the brand launched its Bee My Love collection of stackable rings adorned with dainty honeycomb motifs and fashioned in 18k pink, yellow and white gold. These are available plain or pavéd with brilliant-cut diamonds on every alternate cell, so wearers can customise the amount of bling on their fingers.

chaumet bee my love
Chaumet’s Bee My Love bracelet in 18k yellow gold and festooned with diamonds. (Photo: Chaumet)

Now, Chaumet has once again introduced a new bee-related development to its portfolio: A range of Bee My Love bracelets, crafted with the same hexagonal honeycomb silhouette and available in — you guessed it — 18k pink, yellow and white gold.

Also meant to be layered on for an eye-catching look, these six elegant bangles come in plain and diamond-studded versions.

chaumet bee my love
The white gold version, without diamonds. (Photo: Chaumet)

There are no rules on how you should wear these slender jewels. Put on just one single bracelet for a sleek, minimalist look, or make a statement by piling on five or more in a variety of combinations. We’re particularly fond of the diamond-encrusted options, because they easily add a luxurious twist to any ensemble. Napoleon would probably agree.



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