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Actress and eco-warrior Marion Cotillard fronts Chopard’s latest ethical jewellery campaign

Chopard tapped actress and environmentalist Marion Cotillard to star in its campaign for sustainable jewels.

With the world going on reset mode lately, everyone has gotten a rare chance to pause and reflect on how we’ve been so preoccupied by packed work and social schedules, the blind obsessions for possession and power, or that we’ve forgotten about some of more important things in life: self-care, compassion for your neighbours and, last but certainly not least, for the planet we live in.

Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard, who’s also a spokeswoman for Greenpeace, has been an environmental advocate for an entire decade. Her determination to make a difference in the world has touched the hearts of those at Chopard, who’ve also been doing their part in making the world a better place.

In 2018, the brand announced its commitment to ‘creating true beauty’ by using only 100 percent ethical gold in all of its jewellery and watch creations, thus becoming the first in the industry to pledge its compliance to the highest social, environmental and ethical standards.

With an admiration for both Cotillard’s elegance and representation, Chopard has recently invited the actress to star in its jewellery campaign, showcasing two of the brand’s jewellery lines, Ice Cube and Magical Setting, which, like the rest of the brand’s creations, were ethically crafted to ensure minimal social and environmental impact.

The Ice Cube collection, with its square facets that resemble glimmering blocks of ice, brings together modernity and urban elegance for a sense of individuality and style. Meanwhile, the Magical Setting collection features glamorous gems that beautifully highlight the confidence, grace and determination of the actress.

Learn more about the collections and the sustainable commitments of the house at Chopard.com.

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