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Day 04: the best jewellery gifts to put an extra sparkle in your life with this festive season

If there’s one thing we need this holiday season, it’s plenty of good ol’ fashioned Christmas magic.

This year has been an unusual one, and has forced us to rethink not just the way we live, but also the way we interact with people. Priorities have been reshaped, and memories with friends and family have become more precious than ever. 

And so there hasn’t been a greater call for love, hope, and thoughtful gestures over the past 12 months, and for that, these jewellery pieces have been designed to put the sparkle back into yours and your loved ones’ lives.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessories for your party season outfit, or simply want to show your better half how much you appreciate them, here are the best statement jewellery pieces to shop for this Christmas.

Inspired by the intricacy and elegance of the festivities, the Destinée Dazzle Collection reimagines the Christmas tree with a contemporary twist and the brand’s famous Destinée diamonds. Set in either a necklace or a pair of multi-wear earrings, the mesmerising spiral of diamonds is a stunning way to spread the yuletide warmth, whether you’re gifting them or wearing them at gatherings with loved ones.

As a symbol of unity and perfection, the Swing Star Amaris Collection — which comes with a pendant and a pair of earrings — showcases the brand’s penchant for craftsmanship with loops that encircle and accentuate the swinging diamond. Lee Hwa Jewellery’s iconic Purple Gold isn’t left out either; the Purple Gold Paola Collection sees the poinsettia being rendered in the regal precious metal, embodying good cheer and success in the form of a necklace, pendant, bracelet, ring, and two pairs of detachable earrings.

Van Cleef & Arpels celebrates the beauty and resilience of the Hellebore (or Christmas rose) once again with the Rose de Noël collection. This time, the resilient flower is downsized and comes in two distinctive shades — white mother-of-pearl and blue lapis lazuli — that’ll both fit well in any occasion, even after the festivities.

Each glossy petal has been crafted and polished by hand, before being fitted onto a gold mound and topped with diamonds to make for a timeless and effortlessly sophisticated addition to your wardrobe. 

Chopard combines its talisman heart with its emblematic moving diamonds for this seriously cute collection, spreading not just joy but also plenty of love during this festive season.

Available in an assortment of styles — from earrings and sautoir necklaces to bangles — the pieces are a seamless marriage of red stone, rose gold, and diamonds, and symbolises recognition and intimate affection for that special someone.

Few names carry as much weight in the jewellery world as Elsa Peretti’s, who joined Tiffany & Co. as a designer in 1974. This year, the house remembers the legendary Italian-born designer by not only reissuing her transcendent Bone cuff — now in its 50th anniversary — but by also offering the timeless accessory in an exclusive capsule for Dover Street Market.

Offered in glistening onyx black or sterling silver, the iconic bangle is realized for the first time with an inset piece of carved Snowflake Obsidian. The collection will no doubt speak to that monochomatic DSM shopper (the kind who exclusively wears CDG’s latest) and be a collectible for years to come.

Encapsulating the Maison’s heritage of beads, studs, and clous carrés is the Clash de Cartier, a collection of two-sided jewellery that’s inspired by the brand’s love for geometry, individualism, and craftsmanship.

The easy-to-wear designs are just as timeless as they are edgy, and can be stacked and layered depending on the occasion to complete any statement-making ensemble. 

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