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Get into the Christmas spirit with Chaumet’s Liens jewels and new jewellery box

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There’s still over a month left before Christmas, but Chaumet is already very much in the festive mood. Beloved for its exquisite tiaras — which it has been making since 1780 — and signature pear-shaped diamonds, the French jeweller has introduced a new jewellery box and glittering jewels such as its Liens range to usher in the Christmas season.

The Liens jewellery collection is particularly perfect for gifting. Inspired by everlasting love and devotion, these dainty pieces are adorned with bow-like shapes symbolic of the unbreakable bonds between lovers, friends and family. A standout is the Liens Séduction series, a new range featuring 16 rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets festooned with ribbon motifs and studded with diamonds. The designs are available in rose or white gold, so you’re bound to find the perfect Christmas present for your significant other, or best friend.

Other equally stunning options in the Liens collection include the Jeux de Liens line of pendant necklaces and bracelets mounted with mother-of-pearl and diamonds, the sleek and sophisticated Liens Evidence rings bedecked with sparklers, and the unabashedly feminine Liens Lumière watches crafted with mother-of-pearl and pavé diamonds.

Chaumet’s Liens Lumière watch.

For more festive gift ideas, Chaumet also offers other magnificent jewellery collections such as Jósephine (inspired by the French empress, and known for its tiara-like diamond rings), Hortensia Eden (a reference to Jósephine’s favourite flower, and comprising various colourful watches, bracelets and rings), and Bee My Love — which features slender rings constructed with honeycomb motifs.

Chaumet’s Bee My Love ring.

If you’re planning to pamper your loved one with multiple jewels from Chaumet’s repertoire, we suggest presenting these in the brand’s new jewellery box — an opulent, deep blue case that’s inspired by the brand’s history and crafted with a central-opening design. Its two sides are closed by a streamlined clasp, and when unlatched, unfolds gracefully like a treasure trove of hidden jewels. The box’s interiors are decked out in velvet and silk grey tones that complement its blue façade, while providing an elegant backdrop to the sparkling jewellery within.

To mark the release of its new box, Chaumet has also rolled out two campaign images (see above and main photo) inspired by its iconic Place Vendome salon under a starry sky. When the clock strikes 12, the boutique’s display windows are illuminated to showcase the resplendent Liens, Hortensia, Joséphine and Bee My Love jewellery collections. These are accompanied by photographs and animations, and are set against the backdrop of romantic, festive Paris — complete with a gorgeous Christmas tree.


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