From adding a luxurious twist to starlets’ outfits, to being used as a crucial plot device, jewellery has had a long-standing relationship with the silver screen. In fact, there are several iconic jewels that will forever remain synonymous with the movies they appeared in. Take for instance, the lavish Heart of the Ocean blue diamond necklace from the 1997 seminal film Titanic. The jewel was the only item worn by Kate Winslet’s character in her famous (or infamous, rather) nude scene, where she asked Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack Dawson to draw a portrait of her. The necklace’s elegant design remains popular even today, with many replicas available online.

For other films, jewellery has been essential in creating the perfect setting. The Great Gatsby (2013), for example, wouldn’t have been complete without its display of Tiffany & Co diamonds, pearls and Art Deco jewels, which beautifully encapsulated the story’s themes of extravagance and excess. And who can forget just how splendid actresses Carey Mulligan and Elizabeth Debicki looked in all their glittering finery?

If you, like us, find yourself easily captivated by anything shiny or sparkly when watching a film, check out this list of the most iconic jewels in cinematic history. You won’t be disappointed.

(Main photo credit: Stefano Canturi; Featured photo credit: Tiffany & Co)