In yet another sign that genderless jewellery is becoming the norm, Louis Vuitton has launched its first unisex fine jewellery collection, LV Volt.

As the name implies, the collection is charged with an energetic mood. That was achieved through the play of Louis Vuitton’s initials, which come in five variations throughout the jewellery pieces. The first, LV One, is pretty classic, showing the letters layered together like on the LV Twist lock. For the LV Multi pieces, you’ll find the Maison’s initials split apart and repeated, forming a pulse across rings and cuffs.

The LV Curb Chain designs, on the other hand, feature the letters intertwined to create an edgy chain link. (These are sure to prove popular now that chain necklaces are trending in both men’s and women’s jewellery.) The LV Upside Down pieces interpret the collection’s theme more literally, using Louis Vuitton’s initials to form a voltage symbol. And finally, the LV Mesh designs use the iconic letters to create exactly that: a mesh.

The LV Volt collection consists of rings, bracelets, cuffs, earrings and necklaces. As for materials, they’re made of yellow, white and pink gold, with some pieces lined with diamonds. Most importantly, with their bold lines and minimal construction, the jewellery pieces are pretty wearable — and they’ll translate excellently on both men and women.

The fine jewellery collection is the second to be designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, Louis Vuitton’s newly christened Artistic Director of Watches and Jewellery. It’s quite a departure from her first, B.Blossom, which featured the French brand’s heritage star-shaped flower as a motif across a range of feminine baubles. LV Volt is decidedly more versatile and androgynous — closer to Amfitheatrof’s designer DNA, which she had established at the helm of Tiffany & Co. for four years.

The LV Volt also nods to a larger shift in the jewellery world, which, like fashion, is now blurring the lines between genders. We can credit that to the rise of stylish male celebrities like Harry Styles and A$AP Rocky, who make it a point to adorn themselves with jewellery traditionally worn by women. Luxury brands are catching on: Japanese pearl jeweller Mikimoto launched its genderless capsule with Comme des Garçons just this year, while Bulgari introduced Zero1 Rock, a unisex spin on its iconic jewellery line.

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Header photo credit: Louis Vuitton

Pameyla Cambe
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