It’s about time the classic pearl necklace gets a modern makeover. For the longest time, the pearl necklace is seen as a staple in every jewellery box but never modern enough for wearing out today.
The way pearl jewellery is designed has been rather static through the ages. Lengths of luscious white gems were the accessories of choice amongst members of nobility since ancient times. Unlike diamonds and other precious stones, this naturally occurring gem carries a unique luminescence and hue — a quality that’s still very desirable in jewellery. Yet, there’s a craving for something fresher.
With the advent of cultured pearls, which also means more mass production of the gem, jewellery studios are emboldened with renewed creativity. More are thinking outside of archetypal styles to remake a timeless classic. Today, contemporary jewellery brands are working with new techniques and giving the pearl a new lease of life.