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Your music festival outfit is incomplete without these festive jewellery pieces

Music festivals are a universe unto their own. It is an occasion to watch your favourite artistes dominate the stage and to dance in reckless abandon, but these festivals have also morphed into a platform for fashion in their own right, where your outfit broadcasts the free-spirited, bohemian vibes that a day out in party paradise entails.

While you may channel your inner Coachella babe at the next music festival with your clothes, no outfit is complete without jewellery that makes a statement.

PANDORA’s latest collection, High Summer, is created to capture the attitude of a music festival with jewellery that toes the line between fun and elegance. The selection of charms, rings, earrings and necklaces are all designed with motifs that recall the ebullience of being out in the sun — think dreamcatchers, feathers, tassels and rainbows.

Don your best boho chic garb, and layer your PANDORA High Summer jewellery pieces of choice, and you’re ready to take on your next festival in style. If you are lost for choice, read on to see what you absolutely cannot do without, along with a guide on how to wear them.

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A medley of rainbow charms

Rainbows are a mainstay at music festivals, but if you are not willing to go all out and deck yourself in the seven bold colours, then PANDORA’s subtle rainbow charms are a perfect choice. Pastel jewels studded on adorable pendants work beautifully as wrist candy, especially when stacked with thin silver bracelets.

Pictured: Multi-colour Love charm (S$99), multi-colour pavé Open My Heart clip (S$129), Stay Cool charm (S$69), Pink Spirited Heart chain ring (S$59)

An stylish choker

Whoever said that chokers are passé has not seen what PANDORA has to offer. Instead of thick velvet straps, the rendition from the PANDORA High Summer collection uses a thin, sexy leather strap to keep the neck looking sleek. Complete the look with an adorable charm, and you are good to go.

Pictured: Black leather choker and feather necklace (S$89), multi-colour pavé Open My Heart clip (S$129)

Long, layered necklaces

A simple outfit can be taken to new heights by layering long, flowy necklaces over one another. These silver necklaces from PANDORA are ornamental gems that enhance your décolletage, especially when playful tassel and dreamcatcher charms are added. If you want to elevate your layering game, just add a pendant choker to the mix.

Pictured: Spiritual Feathers drop earrings (S$89), Black leather choker and feather necklace (S$89), Spiritual Dreamcatcher charm (S$89), Open Heart necklace (S$129), silver beaded necklace (S$129), Compass Rose pendant charm (S$89), Spiritual Feather pendant (S$49), Fan of Love pendant (S$69)

Pendant charms that pop

Chunky bracelets are a music festival staple. One way to get that look while inscribing your personality into your jewellery is to jazz up your bracelets and necklaces with eye-catching pendants that reflect your attitude. The High Summer collection is a library full of these charming decorations. Fancy yourself a dreamer? Then wear that on your wrist with a dreamcatcher charm that will jingle as you dance. Wear your heart on your sleeve? PANDORA’s blue Shape of Love charm is a fresh take on the familiar motif in a beautiful turquoise hue.

Pictured: Moments sliding leather bracelet black (S$99), blue Shape of Love charm (S$89), Spiritual Dreamcatcher charm (S$89), cyan blue Arcs of Love clip (S$69), Spiritual Symbols ring (S$89), PANDORA Rose ring with micro bead-set cubic zirconia (S$107.40)


Edgy jewellery in contrasting metals

Another fun way to ace your music festival jewellery game is to work with contrasting metals. A golden tan bracelet can be dressed up with colourful charms and a dash of silver to make a bold statement. Take it a notch further by lining your fingers in rings of varying thickness in rose gold and silver. Mixing your metals is never something you should be afraid of, especially at a music festival, where the offbeat is celebrated.

Pictured: Moments double leather bracelet golden tan (S$99), Spiritual Dreamcatcher charm (S$89), orange Shape of Love charm (S$89), Spiritual feather pendant (S$49), orange tassel pendant charm (S$59), shining Wish ring (S$69), shimmering Wish ring (S$89), beaded Wish ring (S$69),  Enchanted crown ring (S$129), pink Enchanted tiara ring (S$159)


Spiritual Feathers drop earrings (S$89), Black leather choker and feather necklace (S$89), Compass Rose pendant charm (S$89), Spiritual Symbols ring (S$89)

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