Luscious stones and perfectly polished metals are oft-lauded qualities of today’s jewellery. Yet, for the romantics, it is the slightly worn-out jewellery with faded gems that have a special hold.

The desire for vintage gems is not one that’s just driven by a sense of nostalgia. In a time where mass-produced jewels reign, ‘vintage’ spells a mystical uniqueness and individuality. Most pieces — especially precious works — in the 19th century are hand-crafted by trained jewellers with little machinery. As such, there are always small imperfections that add character, rather than to blemish, vintage jewellery.

These pieces are not easy to find, but there are boutiques in Singapore that are dedicated to scouring the world for the quality pieces. Few would give you absolute confidence that what you’re buying is truly vintage though so here, we share with you the best places to go treasure hunting for ‘new’ gems.